25 January 2012

The Justice League: A Super Friendly Tour - JSA Edition

The Justice Society of America, precursor to the Justice League, was the first comic book superhero team, first appearing in 1940's All Star Comics #3. As the years went by, DC would introduce the concept of alternate Earths with the JSA belonging to Earth 2 while the JLA was formed on Earth 1. The teams would join forces regularly during epic "Crisis" crossover events. In spite of being first, the JSA has been less favored by onscreen media, owing in part the team's membership of lesser known heroes compared to those on the Justice League.

Onscreen tribute was first paid the the superhero pioneers in the Justice League episode Legends. While the actual JSA was not used, the Justice Guild of America members were clear homages to the members of the Society. The Streak subbed in for the Jay Garrick Flash, The Green Guardsman for Alan Scott's Green Lantern, Catman for Wildcat, Black Siren for Black Canary, and Tom Turbine for the original Atom, Al Pratt.

Although members of the JSA popped up during the run of Justice League Unlimited, the heroes were just members of the League rather than their own established Society.

The JSA made their first true appearance during the opening credits of Justice League: The New Frontier, hanging their heads as masked heroes were forced out of business.

Members of the Justice Society including Hawkman, Captain Marvel, and Power Girl were recruited during Superman / Batman: Public Enemies to take down the Man of Steel and his accomplice the Dark Knight.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold once again remembered the JSA in their glory days with a touching tale of the Black Canary.

An expanded JSA including Green Lantern, Sandman, and Starman was introduced to the youthful Justice League International in 2011's Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!

Finally, in Smallvilles 2-part Absolute Justice, the JSA finally got the reverence they long deserved. 

Led by Hawkman, the Justice Society had fought crime in days past before being forced into early retirement.

Other heroes including Dr. Fate played key roles in the episode.

Stargirl represented the new generation of Society members.

Other heroes, including Sandman and the Star Spangled Kid played smaller roles.

Other members of the JSA, including Alan Scott and Ma Hunkel, the original Green Lantern and Red Tornado also made cameo in the show, the first appearances for both of their respective characters.

In 2011, Young Justice revealed a flashback were the android Red Inferno had infiltrated the JSA using the alias Firebrand. Other JSAers included Green Lantern, Flash, Sandman, Wildcat, Doctor Fate and Red Tornado. Additionally, youngins Kid Flash and Aqualad have both donned the Helmet of Fate. Certainly more JSA is yet to come.

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