21 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - DC's World's Funnest #2

This is the one where Catwoman jumps and Batman tries to tickle Robin. I just don't get the humor... Once again, this was an important short in that it was the first aired during the actual DC Nation block (the previous were all previews). Way to put your best foot forward DC.

20 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - De-Coder (Bedrock)

So, at least the swimming safety PSA theoretically had some value. Superman spent three whole segments on his decoder puzzle. Was this supposed to teach me how to read or something? Yeah Superman, I get it. Bed + Rock = Bedrock. Thanks for the lesson. I sure hope this isn't a mainstay of every episode.

19 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Earthors

The main event! This third segment was the big one, the focus of the episode, and the threat big enough to require the whole team to work together - in this case, rock people from the center of the Earth.

18 July 2012

Onscreen History of Catwoman

With buzz for the Dark Knight Rises building, its time to examine the history of Catwoman. Though Purrr-haps not the nemesis to Batman that is the Joker, Catwoman is nearly as iconic. In fact, Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman debuted in Batman #1 in the spring of 1940, the same issue which presented the debut of the Clowned Prince of Crime. While initially dubbed The Cat, the Princess of Plunder eventually re-dubbed Catwoman has served both as a Batman villain and sometimes love interest.

Ranking the Batman Movies

Its almost here! The Dark Knight Rises arrives in just two days and while many of the elite have already had the privilege of seeing it, us shlubs still have to sit tight and wait. But while we wait, why not check out some of the previous Bat-movies? Lets rank all the previous Batman films from worst to best.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Joy Ride

So, I was not the only one that found the oddly incestuous undertones of the Wonder Twins to be a bit alarming. Around 2003, Cartoon Network for its Adult Swim animation block commissioned five shorts parodying the Wonder Twins exploits. The first repurposed footage and plot from the Joy Ride episode though the innuendo's were amped up. This was pretty funny, especially the final line, "Form of... crap."

17 July 2012

Onscreen History of Falcon

The Falcon made his print debut in 1969 within the pages of Captain America #117 and is the first mainstream African-American comic book superhero. The Falcon has to deal with many of the same challenges as Aquaman. His winged costume and avian telepathy make him hard to take seriously-though he looks to spruce up his image by teaming with the Star Spangled Man in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Joy Ride

What kind of kid goes on a joy ride in a propeller plane? I didn't really need a cartoon to teach me that was a bad idea. Not only that, but the amateur pilot flew so low that he was making surfers crash!? That's pretty extreme. Equally extreme was the pose of the Wonder Twins. Hey, at least Marsha and Greg Brady were just step-siblings. The twins behavior was just inappropriate.

New Beware the Batman Secrets Revealed

Honestly, I am a little nervous for this show though I suppose the same could be said for The Batman (which was so-so) and Batman: The Brave and the Bold (which was mostly superb). Its not that I oppose the idea of a new Batman series, nor do I want a retread, but it just seems like its an odd duck of a series so far. 

16 July 2012

Superman to Battle Brainiac in The Lost City of Krypton DtV

Just call me Batman because I have done a little detective work. Here we go. According to actress Molly Quinn (via Worlds Finest), next summer's animated release from DC will be based on the Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns featured in Action Comics #866-870. Molly knows this because she will be the voice of Supergirl. This reminded me of a survey Warner's released in 2010 regarding possible upcoming movies including one based on the same story:

First Look at Static, Deathstroke, and Arsenal from Young Justice

Also fresh off of Comic Con is a sneak peek at upcoming episodes of Young Justice: Invasion which gives a first look at Static Shock who appears to be joining the team! Its also a pleasant surprise to see Deathstroke joining the villain's roster and Arsenal beginning his training. Looks like the next batch of episodes are going to be amazing.

State of the Upcoming Marvel Movie Slate - 2013 and Beyond

Hoping to build on the success of Marvel's The Avengers which has eclipsed $600 million domestic (nearly $1.5 billion worldwide), movie production of properties based on Marvel characters are moving full steam ahead. Along with Marvel Studio's own post-Avengers Phase 2 plan, there are more movies in development for the X-Men franchise, Spider-Man, and a couple of other new kids on the block. With fresh Comic Con scoop, lets take a look at the current slate of Marvel movie's currently being churned out of the machine.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Safety (Swimming)

If you swim alone, YOU WILL DIE. Always swim with a buddy.

First Look at Bane of Shanghai and More DC Nation Shorts

DC Nation is on a hot streak. Last week's new series Bat Man of Shanghai is perhaps the best yet. Although a skinny Bane made a cameo a just released video preview of upcoming DC Nation shorts gives the first glimpse of a venom infused Bane who will appear this Saturday. This Saturday also teases a New Teen Titans short, Red X Unmasked. Its going to be an epic weekend even if the main shows are in reruns. Along with the glimpse of Shanghai Bane, the preview footage offered first looks at several other upcoming series.

First Look at GL's Anti-Monitor, Ch'p, and Tomar-Re

Yesterday at the DC Nation Comic Con panel, a reel of fresh footage from Green Lantern: The Animated Series was previewed and is now officially released and embedded below. It looks like we are in for a treat with with the upcoming season 1.5 which will introduce the Anti-Monitor, the Manhunters, and Green Lantern's Ch'p, Guy Gardner, and Ch'p (who single-handedly takes down Hal Jordan). The series is scheduled to return in September.