05 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - DC Nation's Farm League: Taking Out the Trash

This may just be the worst short so far. "Pouch of truth" was about the only joke that even came close to being funny. Mostly this one was just a waste of time. Sorry Farm League, I don't think you will be called up to the majors any time soon.

04 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Space Dolls

"They're not space dolls, they're space action figures." The perfect gift for a six year old space monkey on his birthday. This was another that fell into the embarrassingly bad category and what a shame coming on the heels of the excellent Krypton Syndrome. The alien invaders were foiled by bad batteries and I am not sure how they ever came to being to begin with if they were so reliant on Earth batteries.

Episode Count: 0445
Series Count: (47 of 66)

03 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Krypton Syndrome

In a big step up from Indian burial mishap Superman made a trip through time to Krypton one hour before its destruction. I really don't know how this turd factory of a season squeezed out this gem, but it was a remarkably interesting and even somewhat heartfelt tale that saw Els Kal and Jor reunited and a tragic paradox. Also, lets not forget another awesome appearance by the Super-mobile and a rare animated appearance of Robin without his Batman. 

02 October 2013

Super History of Superman: Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2010-1)

During the first couple seasons of Batman: The Brave and the Bold! Superman was on the no fly list as show runners opted to feature lesser known heroes. Though it was only a matter of time before fans received their demanded World's Finest team-up. Superman made his very first appearance in 2010 during a brief cameo in Sidekicks Assemble! in which his face was not even shown.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Once Upon a Poltergeist

Thanks to an earthquake, things were shaking in Gotham City. What could be the culprit? Turns out it was an unfriendly ghost, but not just any ghost (or poltergeist even), it was the spirit of a Mohawk Indian. The Indian was shaking Wayne Tower which he thought had been built on his burial ground. But after some cultural sensitivity training from Apache Chief the ghost was relocated to the true site with the aid of smoke signals. This was as bad as it sounds.

Episode Count: 0443
Series Count: (45 of 66)

01 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Roller Coaster

Some kids were up to no good. How bad were they you ask, they went on a ride on an abandoned roller coaster. Now that's hard core.Lucky the Wonder Twins were on hand for a classic eagle / water bucket combo save. This is one that should have remained lost. Oh well, its always nice to see Atom, especially when he gets to mock the monkey.

Episode Count: 0442
Series Count: (44 of 66)

30 September 2013

Onscreen History of Deadman

Not to be confused with Dick Grayson's Pa of the the Flying Graysons, Boston Brand AKA Deadman similarly met his demise during a trapeze themed murder. The hero made his print debut in 1967's Strange Adventures #205.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mxyzptlk's Revenge

And we have official entered "lost" territory. While the first two seasons of Super Friends shorts were aired in the early 80's the third and final season was lost, only to reemerge in syndication years later and ironically eventually on DVD while the two aired season had only seen digital release until this year. While this may not be the best the lost season had to offer, it was at least a memorable outing.