04 February 2011

Marvelous New Poster of Captain America

Marvel sure knows how to sell their product. This poster is amazing.

01 February 2011

Speaking of Snarf

First we saw the cats, and now their "pet" cat... isn't this slavery. Snarf ownership reminds me of something I always found odd in the Disney realm. Now I know Pluto is actually Mickey Mouse's dog, but if he was Goofy's would that be okay? What if Goofy was Mickey's pet? And maybe its not cool to call him "Goofy" when he is probably one of the most evolutionarily advanced of his species. Would people be aloud to raise talking monkey's as pets? I guess there is that one chimp (Koko?) that knows sign language. Anyways, maybe Snarf isn't even a cat so I guess its okay.