05 January 2011

Super Year For the Man of Steel Ahead

Today a pair of pics showed up online. The first teases the last half season run of Smallville in which Superman may actually fly (as opposed to super leaping, sleep floating, or flying but only when possessed by some entity). The Super suit is currently encased in crystal, but this image implies it will get out... either that or Clark will get encased with it.

Up next is a publicity shot from next months All Star Superman. I really dont get why Superman's face is always so messed up looking. I mean, Super Friends did better than this, but then again he IS an alien. Oh well, it should still be a good movie even if Superman has a goiter.

In all, the Man of Steel look to be enjoying some much deserved spotlight during this pre-Summer blockbuster season (which will belong to GL and the Avengers).