14 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Amethyst Princess of Gemworld: Level Seven: Welcome Home

As if Amethyst hadn't already given us more than we deserved with an inspired and endearing 6-short saga, this epilogue sealed the series with a kiss. I truly hope this isn't the last we see of Amy - but if this is it, Amethyst of Gemworld has more charm and soul in its 9 minutes than some series have in 20+ episodes. Now excuse me while I watch them all again.

13 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Creature from the Dump

When prepping for the Crisis of Infinite Episodes experiment, I began to scour the web for some of the episodes that were not yet available on DVD. Let me say, I think I own every animated episode that has been released, but the Super Friends shorts were among the few that had never been released (luckily, I found that they were available for digital purchase on Amazon giving me a high quality viewing experience) . While most of the shorts were actually viewable on YouTube, this episode was not. For some reason The Creature From the Dump was an elusive SOB. Not sure why this one was so hard to track down... but its not really worth the effort. Then again, the toxic Bat-Monster was quite a treat.

12 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Evil From Krypton

This is how you do it! Zy-Kree escaped from the Phantom Zone and barricaded himself in Superman's Fortress. Good thing Aquaman was able to sneak in the back door. I guess the main thing this had going for it was Zy-Kree's uncanny resemblance to the Phantom Zoner from Superman II. Not sure why they didn't just call him Zod but either way this was essentially a spin-off from the movie making it instant gold.

11 September 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

In 2009, the first arc of the recent Superman / Batman comic series titled Public Enemies received a fairly strict adaptation for the direct to video project. Taking the lead from the comic art, this Superman's design was all about presenting Supes as the paragon of physicality. Along with battling Power Suit wearing President Luthor and Metallo, with Batman by his side Superman also faced off against hordes of villains hoping to collect a bounty on his head.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Alien Mummy

 Just for starters, this episode gets you hooked with an awe inspiring title.More notably, this marked the debut of El Dorado, the oft forgotten Latin ethnic hero. El Dorado demonstrated teleportation, giantification, and the ability to make holograms, but I am not really sure what his actual power set was. He was pretty impressive in his debut though, beating the mummy that defeated Superman and Wonder Woman. In the end, the spaceship made of giant stones was sent on its way and all was well.

10 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Sink Hole

Wow, a sink hole. Sounds really exciting, but wait there's more... a giant robotic snake...? WTF!? Finding out Diamond Jack was behind the madness really wasn't a great payoff. As it turns out Diamond Jack is an actual character from the comics - though he is a hero who uses a power ring. This villainous Jack seems unrelated. I am starting to see why these episodes are among the last few to be released on video. There is not much here to like or to even write about.

09 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mxyzptlk's Flick

Mxyzptlk the movie man is back with yet another movie themed caper.  Kudos to Robin for a hilarious line. When a caveman swung out of the movie screen and picked up the Batmobile, he exclaimed that it looked so real. Really Robin? As far as Mixed Pickles movies go, this one had an interesting gimmick of the imp being able to rewind and rewrite the action making the heroes do stupid things. Using the tape recorder to play Mxyzptlk's name backwards did seem a little unsportsmanlike, but it got the job done.