06 November 2009

When Fanboys Go Too Far

Sure, I liked Iron Man, but I never thought about making my own iron suit. Lets hope this guy doesn't start using his invention to fight crime and or dude with even bigger home made flame thrower gloves.

05 November 2009

Introducing DVDeels (Star Trek and Harry Potter 6)

Although not always superhero related, I often stumble upon DVD deals that are too good to keep to myself (as they may have a broad geek appeal). For example the evil empire aka Walmart.com is now offering free shipping and a low $10 price point on numerous "hot" and not yet released DVDs. This will be enticing for Potterphiles and Trekkers alike and it doesn't even necessitate being seen entering a Mart of Wal.

Notable to borderline notable titles include:
Star Trek
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian
Angels and Demons
Terminator Salvation

Other titles such as Santa Buddies aren't worth even $1.00. In any case, you may be getting more of these types of posts in the future, hope that doesn't mean I am selling out.

EDIT: Now price matched at Amazon.

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman Returns

How do you follow up one of the biggest movies of all time? Not with Batman Returns. Here is one of the few superhero "part 2s" that is a big step down from the original.

A year prior to Nightmare before Christmas, it was Christmas in Gotham City and the ante was upped. Instead of just the Joker, we got Catwoman, a nasty Penguin complete with penguin army and circus o' freaks, and a third villain, Max Shreck (not the ogre).

The movie was just a little too goofy thanks to Tim Burton's "wild imagination." The 1989 Batman set up a great world, but this movie seemed to slip into an alternate fantasy dimension with Batman taking a minor role. Also, pretty much every Penguin related subplot was awful. I mean, why are Emperor Penguins living in the Gotham City sewers? I have to admit though, I think Penguin is one of the worst supervillains ever made, so I am a bit biased, but this film did little to change my opinion.

On the other hand, Catwoman (Meow) was great, and in my mind is the definitive portrayal of the character. Her inclusion is what makes this a worth watching film.

In the end, parents were not pleased at the darker turn and innuendos in the film. It still made money, $163 million to be exact, but it was a big drop from Batman '89 and made producers decided to "lighten things up" paving the way for Batman and Robin.

Up Next: Batman: The Animated Series

04 November 2009

Spotlight on Hawkman (and Hawkgirl)

The bare chested Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in 1940 and though he has had various names (Katar Hol, Carter Hall) origins (alien, reincarnated Egyptian) and affiliations (Justice Society, Justice League) over the years, he has long been a DC staple. And who couldn't love a superhero with a beak (aside from Howard the Duck perhaps)?

Old bird brain first appeared both in his own adventures and as a member of the Justice League in the 1967 DC Super Heroes animated series.

In his solo outings, The Winged Avenger teamed with his sidekick eagle Skreal.

Hawkman next appeared a decade later along with Hawkgirl in 1977's All New Super Friends Hour. In 1978, Hawkman was promoted from special guest to main character for the Challenge of the Super Friends season, though Hawkgirl disappeared. In subsequent iterations of Super Friends, Hawky again took on a supporting role to the other heroes.

During those Super Friends years, Hawkman also appeared in the Legends of the Superheroes live action variety show, his first live action appearance.

By 1997, Hawkman had fallen from grace and his second live-action appearance was even more humiliating than his first.

Hawkman was seen schilling Baby Ruth's while flying into glass windows in this horrific commercial:

In 2000, a Hawkman-esque character Warhawk was shown as a member of the future Justice League Unlimited on the Batman Beyond episode, The Call. It was eventually revealed, that Warhawk was (retroactively written to be) the son of Hawkgirl (and GL John Stewart).

In 2001, a new Justice League was assembled and to mix things up a bit, it was Hawkgirl not Hawkman that made the cut.

In the Justice League finale, a Hawkman Hro Talak (anagram for Katar Hol) from alien world Thanagar appeared. Hro looked a lot like Hawkman, though he wasn't what some would consider a hero and he wasn't technically Hawkman.

Finally, in the Justice League Unlimited Hawkman Carter Hall was introduced. This time taking the reincanation (though of an alien Hawkman) approach, Justice League finally had a man hawk to court Shayera Hol (she having dropped the Hawkgirl moniker).

Hawkman was introduced to The Batman in 2007. He teamed up with Batman in a pair of episodes to take down the Shadow Thief and Black Mask as well as some pesky alien invaders.

Most recently, Hawkman was shown beating the snot out of Superman and Batman in the Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie, only to be taken down off screen.

In the upcoming Smallville 2-part episode beginning with "Society" Hawkman will return to live-action and will even be donning his trademark wings. Hopefully a Baby Ruth free appearance will finally restore some dignity to the live action version of the character.

03 November 2009

Heroes "Spoiled" Everyone Last Year

So, word on the street was that a "major death" is coming to Heroes soon. The death was an original cast member, and a male. So, who will it be...

Turns out Nathan Petrelli is the victim. The only problem is, he was killed onscreen in last years season finale. To be fair, he has been seemingly killed on the show before as have numerous others only to be miraculously revived. Even last night they showed that Mohinder was dead, though I guess he will be coming back somehow since he wasnt the death spoiler. I guess the big surprise here is that not only is Nathan dead, but he is staying dead. Wow! Talk about a twist.

The thing is, season 4 of the show has actually been much improved over last year., perhaps attributable to the absence of many characters (Micah, Mohinder, and, and even fake Nathan) There are still ample portions of Sylar, but at least he isn't on a continuing quest to find his real, real, father. So, I will try to assign this lame twist to being a remnant of season 3 and hope that Heroes season 4 can continue being the dumb, but at least no longer aggravating, entertainment for however much longer it lasts.