10 February 2012

Will There Be a Youngblood Movie?

According to Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld's Twitter account, production on a Youngblood movie is in fact movie forward. You may remember Youngblood as the first big title published by Image Comics in the 90's during the exodus of creators from Marvel and DC. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Atom Recap

The novelty of a new superhero wore off pretty fast with the Atom because after just three episodes, I feel like I have had enough. All three were essentially the exact same story. The Atom shrunk down, fiddled with some machine parts, defeated the enemies, and then pretty much admitted to his friends that he was the Atom, only they didn't believe someone as incompetent as he could have saved them. Its worth watching one of these just to see the Atom in action, even if its a little unbelievable that a miniature guy's punches or flying head-butts would actually hurt. If I had to pick one, I would say the best was the first because the Atom assumed many sizes throughout and the villains were also small for part of the time making his shrinking a useful tactic, well at least as useful as just stepping on them.

Essential Episode:
Invasion of the Beetle-Men

09 February 2012

The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (2002) - Discount Review

Heroes: Santa Claus

Villains: Easter Bunny, Lobo

Diabolical Scheme: The Easter Bunny hired Lobo to assassinate Santa Claus so that Easter would no longer be runner up to Christmas.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The House of Doom

This time the Atom went snooping and found an evil scientist Rokar's lab in the middle of nowhere. He ended up fighting some robots, one of which he reprogrammed by tying its wires into a bow (which I as a computer programmer find particularly insulting). Great balls of fire!

08 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Plant Master

Poison Ivy is a pretty good name for a botanically themed villain. Unfortunately, not too many others have been able to come up with anything nearly as intimidating, least of all the one who attacks with pollen and calls himself Plant Master. Speaking of the Plant Master, this guy is an actual villain from the comics who is also known as the slightly snazzier Floronic Man or Floro for short. You may remember him from such films as Batman and Robin in which he was depicted as the scientist responsible for the creations of both Bane and Poison Ivy.

07 February 2012

Better Looks at Spidey's Amazing Lizard Man


The second trailer for July's reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man finally reveals the film's villain, the Lizard. Even though the scaly one is seen but briefly, high definition screen grabs will capture him for the eternities.

The Sun Will Rise on The Wolverine in 2013

Wolverine has joined Superman, Iron Man, and Thor by staking a claim on a 2013 release date, July 26. As the X-Men movie continuity has been spiraling out of control, I really don't know if this will tie in and frankly I hope it doesn't. The idea of The Wolverine as a stand alone in an ambiguous time period is much more appealing  than X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 starring Wolverine, Cable, Bishop, X-23, and Dazzler.

Onscreen History of Metallo

While Richard Gere is more likely to fall prey to the "hooker with a heart of gold" Superman's bane is the cyborg with a heart of kryptonite known as Metallo. Although a couple of characters with the name Metallo appeared earlier, the modern Metallo first appeared in 1959 in Action Comics #252. It is this version of the character that has been inducted into the lineup of the upcoming JL:Doom's Legion.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Beetle-Men

Hopefully not a lot of epileptics watched this show because there was strobing and flashing galore. I'm not epileptic, but even I felt a mild seizure coming on.

The 2nd Amazing Spider-Man Trailer is Here

Look no further for the second trailer for this July's Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. The trailer includes some Pez-free glimpses of the Lizard. I will say one thing, this looks a lot better than the pitched Spider-Man4 with the Vultress sounded.

06 February 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Website Update

The official site for the Amazing Spider-Man has been updated with some impressive new images: Here

If 2012 really is the end of the world, at least we are going out on a high note.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Atom

Through the magic alchemy of Nature's most awesome sources of energy, Ray Palmer, atomic physicist becomes THE ATOM. A power-packed mighty-might whose brilliant mind and great strength serve law and order against crime and injustice. Tiny Titan, scourge of evildoers, THE ATOM.


Ray Palmer, the Atom of the Silver Age first appeared in 1961 as a reimagining of the Golden Age Atom Al Pratt, who incidentally had no powers. The size altering Atom edged out Marvel's similarly conceived Ant Man by just 1 year and these shorts were the Atom's first onscreen appearances.

05 February 2012

Avengers Super Bowl Spot

Yeah, I think I will check this one out!