25 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Krypto, K-9 Detective

100th Episode Spectacular!

Time to toot my own horn. *toot toot* Even though most of the segments I have watched so far have clocked in at just 6 minutes, 100 of them add up to 600+ minutes. That's over 10 hours of Superman / boy cartoons! Mom will sure be proud that I am making something of my life. Can't wait to see what the next 100 have in store.

24 November 2011

Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) - Discount Review

Heroes: "Captain America" with a really big helmet.

Villains: Count Saruman Dooku as General Miguel

Diabolical Scheme: Miguel heisted a concoction that accelerated aging and used it to hold an exposed city ransom.As for his fate, "He chose poorly."

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Finger of Doom

This is more like it. The episode started of with an astronomer observing a "rogue"star when all of a sudden, the waves from the star made the entire observatory explode! Apparently, the explosion also made the scientist evil and gave him glowing red hands. Superboy's solution, destroy the star. No big deal right? And for some reason the star was pretty small and close to Earth. Maybe I am just unfamiliar with these tiny, evil, rogue stars. I guess wikipedia verifies they exist, but still, I would think it would be pretty big.

23 November 2011

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman: Year One

The original comic book Batman: Year One provided much of the backbone for the film Batman Begins. This animated adaptation of the the source material took a much more faithful approach in presenting the epic tale of Batman's first year in the suit. The end result is a wonderful, but concise film that unfortunately has had some of its best parts already mined.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Great Space Chase

Once again, fresh out of ideas, the writers introduced a space laser that made icebergs fly. After disposing of the bergs, flaming meteors appeared. Can you guess what was to blame? A mean aliens who was using the disasters to prevent capture by space cops. Superboy lured the criminal out with a giant chunk of Uranium, hopefully no citizens were killed by the fallout. Yawn.

22 November 2011

Booster Gold to get a Boost on SyFy?

Joining the ranks of comic book properties in development is Booster Gold. According to the Hollywood Reporter, SyFy has ordered a pilot script for the glory hound from the future who is probably best known for his guest role on Smallville's 10th season episode Booster.

Onscreen History of Killer Moth

With a name like Killer Moth, the dude has never gotten a ton of respect aside for being around since 1951's
Batman #63. Over the years, this "killer" has not only pestered Batman but has been a frequent nemesis of Batgirl as well.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Chameleon Creature

Clark Kent was off on a safari with Lana Lang and her dad looking for a white ape. Some purple mist was seen nearby when all of a sudden a white sabre-tooth tiger chased some elephants off a cliff. Luckily Krypto made the save. Dr. Lang decided it would be a good idea to lasso the creature. That lassoing really made him mad as he then began to shape-shift into all sorts of gigantic and fantastical creatures. Superboy eventually postulated that the purple gas was "the answer." Krypto cleared the gas and the creatures changed into a white ape. All was well...


21 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Gorilla Gang

Using his "geology class field trip" as a cover Superboy as Clark Kent tracked some thieves into a mine and Lana Lang happened to follow him. As a result, Supie was forced to work in unconventional means. He used his ability to be super-annoying or super-bumbling to foil the crooks. First he got one of the thieves shirt wet trying to "help" by striking a water well. Then he smoked out the thieves by helping start a fire to dry out the wet clothes. Then he helped hide some loot and used that as a diversion to cause a mine collapse. Luckily that worked out all right and a couple cops just happened to be standing around the mine entrance when the crooks ran out.