10 December 2010

Midgard Has Received the Official Thor Trailer

Pretty similar to the leaked footage, and pretty compelling.

Behold, The Monochromatic Thor!

... and his red cape. In all seriousness, this is a pretty cool poster. It will be interesting to see which does better next summer, Thor or Captain America. The Cap (to me) seems better known and more accessible, but Thor is getting the real marketing push. Maybe we will see Captain America get some publicity as summer nears. The Avengers are indeed assembling.

08 December 2010

Transformers Trailer Makes Me Want to Give Em One More Shot

Transformers was pretty enjoyable despite some over-the-topness and a shortage of bots. Transformers 2 was a "car-wreck" with too many bots and way too much racist jar-jar twins. Maybe Transformers 3 will be just right. I'm sure it won't be actually, but this trailer makes me want to believe.