26 January 2013

Watch Supermanatee and the DC Nation Farm League

Today marked the debut of yet another series of shorts to DC Nation - DC Nation's Farm League. And you can watch now!

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - DC's World's Funnest #5

Reprinted from June 2, 2012 when the video was originally spotted:

This short is one clay crowbar away from being a classic. It looks like Dug Calder, animator at Aardman posted this short (#5 of 10) on Vimeo. And while I have not kept my general negativity toward the DC's World's Funnest shorts a secret I will say, I kinda liked this one. For one thing, it was actually about superheroes - identities and costumes and such. For another thing, I found the fact that Batman and Joker laughed at the tied up Robin to be amusingly twisted. Now if only we could vote for Robin to live or die!

25 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Giants of Doom

It was Bizarro's chance to shine and to his credit he was able to "giantize" the Legion.  All it took was splitting the moon in half. Thankfully, Superman was able to weld it back together.

24 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Beasts Are Coming

No, it wasn't an animated Dune but we did get giant bugs for the 3rd of the Wonder Twins adventures in a row. Let me tell you, its a lot easier to get excited about Sinestro and Gorilla Grodd than a giant worm even if the worms nearly sank the west coast.

23 January 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman and the Mole Men (1951)

Superman's first movie did not in fact star Christopher Reeve, rather it starred George Reeve, was just 58 minutes long, and served as a test run for a live action Superman TV series. The movie had a mob assemble against radioactive subterranean mole men after they accidentally scared a security guard to death.The mole men were forced to reveal advanced weaponry to defend themselves. Only Superman could ease the tense standoff.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Monolith of Evil

Because the Legion just wasn't evil enough they sought the power boost of the monolith of evil. I don't understand how the Legion could shrink and steal the entire United Nations, but they couldn't get past a lava monster on their own.

22 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Attack of the Vampire

 The Wonder Twins segments so far have been a bit rough. Pairing them with the Legion of Doom segments only emphasizes their shortcomings, but I still admit to having huge expectations going into this one. It wasn't a great episode BUT Super-Vamp all but redeemed it.The Wonder Vamps were the icing on the cake.

21 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Trial of the Super Friends

Liquid light? What will they think of next? But that's not all the Legion of Doom was after. Again, the Legion started off being incredibly tricky. Cheetah made holographic duplicates, but Wonder Woman realized that only one had a shadow and lassoed her, BUT Cheetah anticipated that and the "real" Cheetah was actually a rocket. Score Cheetah 1 magic lasso. Green Lantern was also tricked out of his ring and the Dynamic Duo, their utility belts.