11 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Tales of Metropolis: Lois

 Although I had high hopes, and still do, for the Take of Metropolis shorts, this one fell a little flat. To start with, why focus on Batman? If you wanted to do that, why not call it Tales of Gotham since that's where it was set? I don't think  Lois-centric short is a bad idea, but I juts didn't feel that this served her character well. Hopefully a Lex, Metallo, or Jimmy Olsen themed short do better service to the world of Superman. 

10 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Powers Collection Commercial

Presenting for the very first time in animation Dr. Fate and Martian Manhunter as designed to sell the epic Super Powers action figures with power action in the mid '80s. Sadly it would be years more until the pair were given their official animation debuts.

09 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super-Man's Best Friend

This little short popped up on the web in 2012 giving Krypto a crack at comedic bathroom humor. While the idea of someone animating a dog's anus alone is hilarious, the shorts ending masterfully manages to balance reverence for Superman with complete irreverence for decency. Thumbs up.

08 January 2014

Super History of Superman: Lego Batman the Movie: DC Heroes Unite (2013)

Although its certainly not gonna win any awards for storytelling, the Lego Batman movie feature combining recycled cut scenes from the Lego Batman 2 video game with all new animation was mighty entertaining. The comedic take on the World's Finest accompanied by iconic musical cues from the heroes live action history resulted in a decent movie for younger audiences.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman No Man's Land Series Concept

Plans for another potential Batman animated series to debut in 2012 or 2013 have crumbled into a million shattered dreams. This series would have featured Nightwing as well as Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne as Batgirl and Robin, but it made the mistake of being too dark. Huh!? Bat Mite would not be happy. According to character designer Coran Stone  at Deviant Art:

07 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Supergirls Series Concept

According to DC Women Kicking Ass,  the idea of a trio of super young ladies could have played out much differently in 2012. Ultimately, the superb Super Best Friends Forever shorts were made for DC Nation, but another pitch had Supergirl, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl teaming up as Supergirls.

06 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Nightwing Series Concept

The Teen Titans have had no shortage of failed pitches. After the failed Judas Contract movie, both Dick Grayson and Raven were also denied proposed live action TV series on the CW. Turns out the two were also denied the opportunity to star in an animated series. In 2009 a pitch was put in for a Nightwing series. By the looks of designs posted by the artist, the show would have had a less cartoony look than the Teen Titans series.