02 October 2009

The Phantom Returns

The first look at SyFy's Phantom reboot is online. Sadly, it looks about on par for SyFy productions. I think its still aiming for a 2010 debut.

01 October 2009

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder

Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder also called The Adventures of Batman was originally created as half of the Batman / Superman Hour. Each half hour of Batman consisted of two stories, 1 short 6 1/2 minute segment, and 1 13 minute story consisting of two segments.

In all 34 sets of half hour entertainment were produced. In 1969, the Batman episodes split from the Superman/Boy episodes and were aired alone. The show was originally ordered as an animated incarnation of the popular 60's series and began airing in 1968.

Along with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl also appeared, all appearing fairly similarly to their live-action counterparts.

The big four baddies (Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman) also appeared though their appearances were not as close to those on the live action series.

Other villains Mr. Freeze, the Scarecorw, and Simon the Pieman also dropped in during the series brief run.

Up Next: Batman Meets Scooby Doo

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30 September 2009

Sneak a Peek at the Upcoming Crisis

I was able to snap some pics of the upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie. Enjoy:

Power Ring and Ultraman

Superwoman and some guy

Another of Power rings mug and Ultraman

Evil Green Arrow (Deadeye?)