05 March 2011

Onscreen History of Black Manta

Although Aquaman's level of street cred has fluctuated over the years, his nemesis, Black Manta has remained a menacing force for evil. Black Manta first appeared onscreen in 1967, the same year as his comic book debut, as a regular foe in the Filmation animated Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure series.

El Mantador would next appear as one of the goons in Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom during the Challenge of the Super Friends run in 1978.

It would be over 25 years before the diabolical diver would return. In fact, because of an odd embargo against Aquaman related characters appearing outside of an in development live action Aquaman show titled Mercy Reef, Black Manta's appearances in 2005 during Justice League Unlimited remain unofficial. The character formerly known as Black Manta took the stage name Devil Ray, though the it was pretty obvious who he really was. It really is a shame though that Mercy Reef never got the greenlight as a live action Manta, or as I call him "Sea Vader" could be pretty amazing.

Black Manta officially returned in 2008's Evil Under the Sea! adventure of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He would make a few follow up appearances including a musical appearance in the acclaimed Music Meister episode.

His parallel Earth, though unnamed counterpart (Orange Manta) also appeared in the Brave and the Bold episode Deep Cover for Batman!

Black Manta appeared in a couple of cameos during animated films. His head floated by in 2008's Justice League: The New Frontier.

And he made a full body appearance in 2009's Superman / Batman: Public Enemies.

Most recently, Black Manta surfaced in Young Justice's Downtime, complete with war machine like shoulder mounted rocket launcher, where he attempted to free Starro from underwater imprisonment. The extent of his nefarious involvement with evil organization The Light remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Before all was said and done, Black Manta made a quick cameo as member of the Legion of Doom in Smallville's penultimate episode, Prophecy

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03 March 2011

Like Captain America, We Can Now See Red

Now thats an ugly mug.

28 February 2011

Before X-Men Sucked... New X-Posters

Aside from the fact that X-Men First Class looks to really confuse X-film continuity (especially if the Wolverine movie is also supposed to exist in this same time line) these are pretty awesome posters.