02 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Sword of the Atom: A Choice of Dooms

The second SotA short (complete with its own subtitle - A Choice of Dooms) picked up right where the first ended, with the Tiny Titan facing down a rattlesnake. One thing I didn't appreciate at first was that the can an straw the Atom used in his mighty battle came from his downed plane and were shown in the first short. Nice! The action quickly transitioned to the Atom vs the Morlaidhans after a quick introduction of Princess Laethwyn. Overall, this was fun, but I am still scratching my head as to how this is different than the Brave and the Bold episode. Also, it seems ambitious to think this will wrap up in just a few more segments. But the important thing is that I am digging it so far, so I will go along for the ride.

DC Nation Short Count: 0032

01 February 2013

Iron Manime Gets a Release Date

Whats that, a decent looking animated movie from Marvel? Its been a while but come April 16, I just may have to check out this Iron Manime, Iron Man: Rise of Technovore.

Young Justice Was Cancelled for This

Beware the Batman's Professor Pyg and Toad

Teen Titans Go!

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Crisis of Infinite Episodes - World Beneath The Ice

Wow, these backup stories are in a real lull. Thanks to Thumper's rule, this is going to be a pretty short one. I dug the villain Tohrana's look, kind of a medieval knight meets Nazgul.

31 January 2013

Watch the Superman: Unbound Trailer Now

Fresh off the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, the marketing machine has already begun to spin for DC's next animated movie, Superman: Unbound. The movie features Brainiac and the trailer definitely promises another solid entry. T'will be the summer of Superman!

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Revenge on Gorilla City

 Ironically, as much as I am a huge fan of monkeys, I have never really been big on Gorilla City. For some reason the idea of an invisible city run by advanced apes and their leader Solovar is a hard concept for me to buy into even though I am perfectly fine with people that fly, travel through time, or change size.

30 January 2013

Super History of Superman: Adventures of Superman (1952-8)

After filming Superman and the Mole Men, production went full steam ahead on the Adventures of Superman TV series which aired for six seasons from 1952 through 1958. In all, 104 episodes aired including a two-parter which was really just a recycled version of the Mole Men movie - and George Reeves became Superman for a generation.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Anti-Matter Monster

This was a really weak episode, one of the worst of the series so far. Some Rorscarch wannabe set a monster loose and it took the whole episode to put a belt on him to neutralize him. Also, form of kangaroo and ice cubes = stupid.

Episode Count: 0309
Series Count: (17 of 32)

29 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Secret Origins of the Super Friends

One of the all time greats. Not only did this tale tell the origins of three heroes, but it did so in a very creative way by having the villains also steal the origins of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Can someone say Green Luthor.

28 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Terror From The Phantom Zone

After a string of fairly lame adventures, we got a winner. Not only were we treated to the first appearances of red and blue kryptonite, but we also got 3 escapees from the Phantom Zone. Although Zod was not among them, Hul, Logar, Rom-Lok proved an entertaining trio.