02 December 2011

Another DC Nation Short Reveals Gotham City Impostors

The DC Nation promotion (viewable here) aired during the premier of Green Lantern: The Animated Series hinted at some of the content that will be aired in the months to come. Along with glances of Plastic Man the Doom Patrol, Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, Clay Batman, Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, and Lego Batman, some images looked like a previously released trailer for the upcoming game Gotham City Impostors.Now, a second trailer for the game has been released and it can be confirmed that those images were from the game trailers.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - King Superboy

You know Clark, flying out of your dad's store window may give you away. But onto bigger issues. So, this is the second time in the past few episodes that a star just appeared and started causing problems. Last time it was the rogue star, this time it was a "small sun." Now, if a small sun really appeared, it would be a pretty big deal. A small sun could still be quite enormous; luckily Superboy was able to just shatter it with a punch. Look, I am no astronomer, but aren't suns made of gas? I don't think a punch would work, nor could a sun shatter.

01 December 2011

Retrospective 2011 - Part 1

Although 2011 may have started slow, by the end of February things were starting to heat up as one of the most action packed superhero summers was just on the horizon.

The Cape 

From January until March the glorious failure of a show, The Cape displayed the adventures of the caped hero and his circus friends as they took on the villainous Chess. I will go on record and say this show was not all bad. Though it was most definitely bad, and ridiculously over the top, there were some moments of entertainment. In particular, the episode Dice with a precognitive master of probabilities was a lot of fun. On the other hand, a villain with a split personality would have been just cliche, except in this show both personalities were evil. That's just odd as was the interaction between the shows hero and his son whom he stalked. In the end, the show aired just 9 episodes on TV with the finale only getting aired on the Internet. In fact, the entire series is available online and as long as you know what you are getting into its worth checking out.

Green Hornet 

Green Hornet hoped to reinvent the aging hero for hip young crowds and though there was some decent action, the style over substance film failed to win over the masses falling just short of the $100 million domestic mark. The Hornet's lackluster performance set the stage for other green clad heroes to fall short in their quests to bring home the green.

All Star Superman 

Oozing reverence for the Man of Steel, February's All Star Superman was one of the year's highlights even edging out Batman: Year One as DC's best animated movie of the year. Although some fan favorite scenes from the graphic novel didn't make the cut, but what did make it into this film was the novel's ability to give Superman humanity. Its not just what Superman can do, but what he inspires in others that places him at the top of the pantheon of heroes. And in the end, even Lex Luthor learned that lesson. All Star Superman is the quintessential Superman story, and the best Superman show in at least 30 years.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superboy Meets Mighty Lad

What do you mean Mighty Lad wasn't really from Krypton! I can't believe it. But he really was an alien!? and he had actual gadgets to give him superpowers... and he rigged disasters to get glory from the saves...? I would think most people would be pretty impressed that he could fly and wouldn't really care how he did it. Even Booster Gold is a hero. Oh well, at least Superboy didn't have to endure the competition.

30 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Forget Me Not, Superdog

Enter season three. Superboy and Krypto got totally pwned by a kryptonite asteroid which apparently has amnesia inducing powers on Kryptonian dogs. He decided to terrorize a carnival, then decided to rescue a random man and his son in the woods. Randomness ensued. Turns out the man's life's work was a giant ENIAC style computer that tapped nuclear energy "at the source," and was stored outdoors in the woods. The assailant got revenge by throwing a rock at ENIAC, making it explode which caused an underground explosion of uranium. Superboy hugged the explosion which restored Krypto's memory.

Is This Really Spidey's Lizard? Yikes!

Our Russian comrades have leaked a clear first alleged look the Lizard from next Summer's Amazing Spider-Man. Hopefully this is a delayed image from a communist era Spider-Man fan film, because I think this looks ridonculous. Sadly, our friends at PEZ make us think it may be all too legit. (Too legit to quit, hey hey. )

29 November 2011

Onscreen History of Killer Croc

 A Child of the '80s, Killer Croc first appeared in the pages of Detective Comics #523 and Batman #357 in 1983. Although Waylon Jones was originally depicted as basically just a scaly dude, over the years he has transformed into a much more reptilian form. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Terrible Trio

Oh boy, after some boys picked on a kid with glasses, Superboy decided to learn them some lessons. He threatened one with death in outer space, the second he made king of the veggietales, the third he abandoned in a haunted mine which was really just an amusement park ride.

28 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Neanderthal Caveman Caper

When a caveman pulled a Captain America, thawing out of a chunk of ice, some bandits decided to play some mind games on the big dummy. After torturing the caveman dressed as Superboy, the heist was on. When Superboy showed up at a crime scene, old cavie fought back until he decided he was Superboy and Krypto's best friend.