20 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Year Three, Yipee

Its been another year and I've taken it another decade of DC's finest -as well as DC's worst - this time spanning the outrageous 80's. 

19 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Another Bat Idea

 photo batidea_zps3ebba4ff.jpg

In 2011, as part of The Looney Tunes show, one of the CG Road Runner shorts prominently featured the Bat-Suit. But even with all of his toys, Wile E. Coyote was unable to capitalize on his online purchased Acme Batman costume by catching the Road Runner. Classic Road Runner + Batman themed gadgets = a great time (unless you are a coyote).

18 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Reunion

Batduck would return in 2011 on The Looney Tunes Show... well actually I guess this was more of an homage since Plucky Duck was the original Batduck. In planning how to lie at his high school reunion, Daffy contemplated claiming to be Batman. Ironically, Bugs who has skipped high school to (among other things) serve as the President of Mexico, was the real Batman. These were short scenes, but it was fun to see the Looney Tunes / DC crossovers continue into the modern era.

17 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Till Doom Do Us Part

In 2005, Duck Dodgers returned to the world of DC (after the brilliant Green Loontern in 2003), this time paying homage to the Legion of Doom. Dodgers himself dreamed of himself donning a Superman-esque costume reminiscent of that worn years decades earlier in the Looney Tunes episode Stupor Duck - only the 'S' had been upgraded to a 'D.' 

16 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Histeria!

I gotta give major props to the WB animation wiki for this entry as I had never even heard of the 1998 animated series Histeria! I guess the show's mission was to educate kids about history while entertaining them and so episodes featured historical figures from Teddy Roosevelt to Billy the Kid to Leonardo da Vinci. But tucked away in several episodes were DC comics Easter eggs. The first such egg occurred in the episode featuring inventors. After Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone booth, Superman, er, Fuperman wasted no time using the compartment to change into costume.