20 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly

Some divers laid some traps including a giant fruit roll-up that turned invisible to capture the "Aqua boob." Not sure what Captain Sly had against Aquaman though. And although it was funny watching Aquaman swim into a pane of glass like a stupid fish in a tank, it didn't seem a terribly dangerous trap. The fruit roll-up on the other hand managed to defeat the lad. After a minute or so. the episode devolved into an all out fight between the goons and Aquaman and his fish. One truly odd thing did stand out in the episode though, in a period of 10 seconds (literally, I timed it) Aqualad was shown riding Imp, then a giant sea turtle, then a swordfish. The boy really gets around.

Episode Count: 0138
Series Count: (28 of 36)

19 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea Sorcerer

Its the Sea Sorcerer! Yikes. Not only could he conjure sandstorms, but he also commanded a fire breathing dragon. Sometimes I wonder if the show writers forgot that the show was set under water because there sure were an awful lot of fire based attacks. I guess at least this time it could be attributed to magic, but still I don't think that excuse works every time. Anyways, this Sorcerer guy was pretty tricky. First he attacked A-Man, then hid. Then he pretended to be a victim of the sorcerer to break up the underwater duo. Then he revealed himself AGAIN. He summoned some more fire and a little ice, but A-Man had had enough. One well placed water ball to the spell book took him out, but even if he showed up again Aquaman probably wouldn't have recognized him.

18 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mirror-Man from Planet Imago

By gum, The Brain was back for thirds. And whats that, Mirror-Man is an Aquaman doppelganger! I knew this was gonna be a good one. Not only did the look alike look like A-Man, he also had fishakinesis which led to a fish SNAFU. The clone even knew to call A-Lad "tadpole" and "minnow." But Storm was no fool. The real Aquaman would never shake a baby, but Mirror-Man gave Tusky a shaking and A-Lad a tongue lashing. Of course, the doubles finally squared off and A-Man 2 conveniently melted just as Aquman was ready to call it a day.

Episode Count: 0136
Series Count: (26 of 36)
Doppelganger Count: 0006

17 January 2012

Onscreen History of The Royal Flush Gang

Over the years, the Royal Flush Gang has proven a "royal pain" to the Justice League. First appearing in Justice League of America #43 as Clubs, the five-member gang's gimmick was a playing card theme with team members Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace - though the suit and team powers changed depending on the incarnation. Over the years, the team has appropriately had affiliations with the Joker.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - In Captains Cuda's Clutches

Hold on a sec! Was Tusky swimming in the Aquacave? I know I just went on a little rant about the cave, but that was before I realized it was full of water. That underwater computer is now even more ridiculous. Having said that, I had absolutely no problem with the pink crystalline people, nor the fact that some dude dressed up like Magellan wants to conquer their jewel city. But hold the phone. Forget Captain Cuda, the real "gem" in this episode was Cuda's surfboard who happened to be Starro the Conqueror!

16 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea Scavengers

For the second episode in a row, Aquaman has joined forces with land dwellers, this time to protect an off shore oil drilling platform. Now, I am certainly no Green Peacer or anything like that, but I do find it odd that Aquaman and Mr. Oil Driller man would be so chummy.