26 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Pets: Jokes on You

Although I believe the concept of Super Pets ultimately has more potential than the lackluster Farm League; however, this first outing did not win me over. There are plenty of zany pets from Bat-Cow to Beppo the Supermonkey. The choice of Robin Robin and Ace the Bat hound was a bit uninspired, but hopefully this is just setting the stage for things to come. 

25 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superclones

Oh joy! Doppelgangers, El Dorado, Brainiac, what more could you ask for? I mean, maybe clone one of the good heroes, but still. The truth is that the episode squandered its stars and offered up a terrible story involving false accusations and courtroom drama. But this may just be the first appearance of a trunkless Superman... just 9 more to go.

Episode Count: 0455
Series Count: (57 of 66)

24 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Bully For You

Great use of the word "bimbo" in an otherwise horrible episode. For one thing, Batman nearly let a guy fall to his death, a failure that was prevented by him landing on a Jayna-octopus full of water. Also, the bimbo found Batman's lost utility belt which caused an earthquake - once again saved by the Twins. Way to be upstaged Batman. Frightening people isn't what makes Batman tough after all, its believing in himself. 

23 October 2013

Super History of Superman: All-Star Superman (2011)

Yes, All Star Superman is as good as you have heard. Rather than downplaying his powers, the reverent tribute to the silver age Superman embraced the character's super-human abilities. While a good deal was cut from the source material, the remaining content still presents an inspiring hero and an epic story.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Return of the Phantoms

Not only did this episode feature some sort of weird space Gumby, but it also had one of two appearances by Superboy on Super Friends (the other being history of Doom which had the origin of Lex Luthor). While this wasn't as good as Evil from Krypton, Phantom "Zoners" always make for some fun especially when they are beaten using Velcroed Super-capes.

22 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Recruiter

Just when you are about to give up all hope on humanity, a decent episode of Super Friends arrives. Thank goodness. I love space gladiator episodes - even though this was space football. Touchdown Wonder Woman!

Episode Count: 0452
Series Count: (54 of 66)

21 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Space Racers

 Not only did the Wonder Twins invent the fist bump, but they were the original street racers as well... well space racers. That's some serious cred. To be honest though, Jayna was racing against her will. There were a lot of problems with the episode, but the worst was when Flash said that even he runs under the speed limit. Does that apply to when he is running in space on the rings of Saturn? Maybe there just isn't a space speed limit. Another terrible episode in the can.

Episode Count: 0451
Series Count: (53 of 66)