17 September 2010

Ghost Rider Stares Down 2012 Date

According to ComingSoon.Net, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a go and will be rolling into theaters on February 17, 2012 a similar release date as the original Flamehead film. 2012 looks to be another stuffed full year for superheroes with Ghost Rider leading the way for the Avengers, the Spider-Man Reboot, the sequel to The Dark Knight, and possibly Wolverine 2 or Fantastic Four. I would be surprised in Ghost Rider out earned any of those.

All Star Superman - First Look

Heat Vision at the Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on next Springs animated All Star Superman. The movie will contain the voices of James Denton, Christina Hendricks and Anthony LaPaglia as Supes, Lois, and Lex respectively.

The plot is described as beginning, "with the Man of Steel oversaturated by radiation during a rescue mission near the sun, accelerating the degeneration of his cells. Knowing that he has a limited time before he dies, Superman sets out on a journey that sees him revealing his secret to Lois Lane, giving Lex Luthor an epiphany on humanity and ensuring the safety of Earth for when he is gone.

No word on Bizarro, but me trust he won't be in there, ha ha. Now if only we could get a Superman with a slightly smaller chin.

16 September 2010

First Look at Voltron Movie Concept

JoBlo.com has the scoop on a possible new Voltron live action movie. Can Voltron redeem the world from crappy giant robot movies? I can tell you I am more excited about the prospects of Voltron from these artistic renderings than I am for the Transformers 3 movie that is currently underway. Fire up the assembly lines, I smell me another toy-line comeback.

15 September 2010

Marvelous Animation Tour - The Incredible Hulk (1982)

In 1982, Marvel debuted yet another short lived series. The Incredible Hulk aired as a companion to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and lasted just 13 episodes. Over the series run just one classic Hulk villain, The Leader, appeared. The series did remain fairly faithful to the original comic tales and also provided She-Hulk's onscreen debut.

14 September 2010

Apocalypse Now (Online)

Here is a scene from near the end of Superman Batman: Apocalypse. Looks like another action packed romp.