20 July 2013

Avengers vs Ultron vs Superman vs Batman in 2015

2015 should have a heckova summer with (Avengers vs Ultron) vs (Superman vs Batman). How will they ever top it?

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Amethyst Princess of Gemworld: Level Three: Random Encounter

Three episodes in and Amethyst has already achieved classic status. While creepy that all the plants and trees had faces, it was equally hilarious watching Pegacorn eat them while they cheerfully recited "he loves me, he loves me not." Throw in an homage to the RPG Dragon Warrior's legendary slime villain and you have struck gold!

19 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman vs Nick O'Teen

In the early 80's, The Man of Steel starred in a set of three anti-smoking commercials in the UK in which he promoted the motto, "Never say yes to a cigarette." In the commercials, Superman confronted Nick O'Teen, a villain who targeted children and disguised the truth about tobacco addiction. Nick was a pretty freaky dude. But thankfully, Superman always showed up before the kids could take a puff.

18 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Soaky Cleans Up With Superman

This 1960's era commercial for bath bubbles employed Superman and Tennessee Tuxedo to sell the product. The soap apparently came in bottles shaped like the characters leaving kids with a "toy" when the suds were all used up. The animated Man of Steel went on to pitch all sorts of crap goods and services, but as far as I can tell, this was the first.

17 July 2013

Super History of Superman: Krypto the Superdog (2005)

The kid friendly animated series Krypto the Superdog elected to focus on the Super Pets rather than their human counterparts. After being launched as a test pilot, Krypto found his way to Earth but since Superman was too busy to be burdened with the responsibilities of a pet, he pawned the job off to a 9 year old kid for 39 episodes.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Baby Plas Recap

Don't let my distaste for this series fool you. It was still leaps and bound better than Plastic Family. On the other hand I would be just fine if both series evaporated from existence. After the opening and closing credits, the segments were just 3 minutes long making them fairly palatable. In spite of the more kid friendly spelling of SNAFU, Sleepwalking Snafoo gets my vote as the episode to watch, if you must watch one. Its completely possible that I am being to hard on the baby, but its just been a long time since I have watched a good episode. I think I may be getting a little cranky. Its amazing how much better superhero cartoons are nowadays - even the bad ones.

16 July 2013

DC's New 52 Coming to Animation - For Real This Time

The first DC animated film of 2014 has been officially announced as Justice League: War, which will adapt the Justice League: Origins story which kicked off DC's New 52 line in 2011. Fittingly, Flashpoint transitioned into the new 52 in the comics and it remains to be seen if we are now entering a rebooted film continuity. Worlds Finest has additional casting details. 

My feelings are a bit mixed. I love me some Darkseid, but the comic arc was a bit superficial. On the other hand, it was basically written and drawn begging for an adaptation. Seeing as how we haven't really gotten a great JL origin since the Justice League animated series pilot, this could be a decent flick. Oh, and I love me some Darkseid... or did I say that already?

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mummy Madness

An evil mummy was thwarted by Baby Plas using him as a yo-yo. After thousands of years of waiting, you would think the mummy could last more than a minute against an annoying baby. At least the episode had a mummy. For that alone, I will say it was one of the series best.

Episode Count: 0398
Series Count: (13 of 13)

15 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Frognapped

Baby Plas rescued his escaped frog from a dog catcher by posing as a freaky looking mutt.  So... Why did a dog catcher care about a frog? And, what did this have to do with "napping" the frog. Its not like there was any ransom involved. And why did this get made? Then again my 7 year old daughter thought this was hilarious, so what do I know anyways?

Episode Count: 0397
Series Count: (12 of 13)