23 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - State of the DC Nation

After a year of week-daily doses of DC animation its time its time to expand into the oh so cartoon friendly territory of Saturday mornings. Starting next week, every Saturday will offer up a Crisis of Infinite Episodes post focusing on the minute-long DC Nation animated shorts. Sure, you already have the schedule guide, but this will give me the chance to post my reactions

22 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Bermuda Rectangle

Two minutes into this episode and the villain (appropriately named Professor Bubbles) was already driving me crazy with his ridiculous "bubble talk" accent. While I give the series credit for trying to create new villains rather than just using Joker or Penguin every episode, some of the original creations fell flat. Moonman was uber lame, Sweet Tooth, though more interesting was pretty stupid, and Bubbles was hair-pullingly annoying, lame, and stupid.

21 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - One Year Later

Its been one year since the Crisis of Infinite Episodes project began, and I decided to use today's post for a little status update and some behind the scenes info.

20 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Sweet Joke on Gotham City

 Enter Sweet Tooth, an original creation inspired perhaps by Willy Wonka, whose evil plot was to turn Gotham's water supply into flowing chocolate. Seriously. Luckily he had a weakness - cookies. Seriously again.

19 June 2012

Onscreen History of Spider-Woman

The concept for Spider-Woman originated as a way to insure copyright in order for Marvel to prevent rivals from profiting off of a character with a name similar to Spider-Man (see Captain Marvel, Power Man / Girl, Wonder Woman / Man). This was also initiated to counter the Web Woman animated series that debuted around the same time. The first Spider-Woman debuted in 1978's Marvel Spotlight #3.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Trouble Identity

Old Professor "Once-ler" invented the Loraxian Thneed maker, a machine that converted garbage into any fabric you wanted, including fur. Catwoman not only stole the device but used it to quickly knit a Batgirl costume and wig, framing the innocent lass. Too bad she didn't make herself a new Catwoman getup since the orange design in this series was perhaps the characters worst onscreen design to date.

18 June 2012

Is Starfire Coming to Young Justice? - Debunked -

I am really confused right now. There is an image floating around the interweb that appears to show Starfire alongside Nightwing on Young Justice. That would be great, BUT is it for real? The main reason for me to think its a hoax is that Nightwing has reverted to the Discowing costume. Could this be a flashback? I suppose...


Save Your $3 and Watch an Amazing Spider-Man Scene Now!

Now that's the quippy Spidey we've been waiting for. Apparently you can buy this scene from Wal-Mart for $3. Its also a convenient length for YouTube distribution. What a weird idea, you would almost think they wanted it to leak, wink wink. Then again, maybe they are blazing new trails for a la carte movie consumption. I will take the opening scene from X2, Superman vs Zod from Superman II, and the Iron Man cave sequence.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Moonman

Who is the mysterious and lame Moonman? Maybe the only other character introduced in the episode for no other possible reason. Lets hope he doesn't show up again any time soon.