28 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Wonder Woman Part 2

With Giganta using jeeps as roller skates, I think we can officially through "sense" out the window. And while these shorts may not have the solidest of plots, this second one is just as visually amazing as the first. And for the record, this incarnation of Giganta is pretty great! Bring on part 3.

27 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Case Of The Dreadful Dolls

"Don't toy with the Super Friends." Despite the kookiness, I actually enjoyed this episode featuring the Dollmaker and his clay voodoo dolls used to control the Super Friends. A bit of trivia, Dollmaker is the name of a couple of DC villains, the earliest apparently being a fairly obscure adversary of Plastic Man. In this episode, the Dollmaker made Big Shott's Toy World his home base implying (despite the spelling discrepancy) some relation to the Toyman, Winslow Schott. In fact, one Dollmaker in the comics was Anton Schott, son of the Toyman, though he did not appear in comics until more than 20 years after this episode aired.

Episode Count: 0490
Series Count: (11 of 14)
First Appearance: Dollmaker

26 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Uncle Mxyzptlk

After red kryptonite exposure turned Superman into "Superbrat," the Friends had to babysit when who would you know showed up? Uncle Mxy. Overall this was pretty unremarkable except I got quite angry that Jayna chose to turn into a giant T-Rex. How many times in the past would that have come in handy and yet she always turned into an octopus or eagle. This time, she played her T-Rex card to capture a runaway giraffe? If I were in charge, that along would earn her expulsion from the team. Nevermind the fact that the Twins were the ones that brought the red K to Supes in the first place. Bring back Marvin and Wendy.

25 December 2013

Super History of Superman: Teen Titans Go! (2013-)

Although Superman has not appeared as a character on Teen Titans Go! his presence has been felt. The Man of Steel is a reality in this universe inspiring such brands as Justice Java.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Island of the Dinosoids

And here comes the obligatory dinosaur battle. There were a couple of redeeming elements. I enjoyed a giant Apache Chief fighting a dino - that could have gone on for a while longer. The story also had heroes transformed into dino peoples, or dinosoids. Not the worst thing ever, but this one was hardly breaking new ground.

Episode Count: 0488
Series Count: (9 of 14)

24 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Darkseid's Golden Trap

That's more like it. This double length episode opened in a intergalactic black market auction showcasing all sorts of villainous weapons of destruction. But Darkseid's eye was on one prize, the rarest of rare, gold kryptonite which would rob Superman of his powers forever. How the aliens knew it would have that effect... who knows. It was also awesome how Darkseid bid a measly 1 buck and dared anyone to outbid him. That dude had a major intimidation factor.

23 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mask Of Mystery

We may have reached a new season low. The episode opened with a wannabe Penguin robbing a bank, but Batman and Robin just happened to be waiting in the safe. The worst part of this scenario, who would want to be Penguin? Next thing you know a wannabe Incredi-boy calling himself Captain Mystery entered the picture. Not sure why the Friends denied him membership after letting Wendy and Marv join the team, but wouldn't you know that after hacking the JLA computer and accidentally being discovered by Luthor, Cap Mystery ended up saving the whole team. Too bad he didn't get the ol Omega Beam treatment.

Episode Count: 0486
Series Count: (7 of 14)