06 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Animal Man: Train

Overall, I also thought this second Animal Man short was good, but I had two main problems. While one of my criticisms may be unfair, the other is justified. The first is basically just a problem with the way this was aired immediately after another Animal Man short. By the end of this short, I had heard "Animal Maaaaan" four times in under a minute. That hook quickly lost its zing. Again, this may not be fair since its only really a problem if the short is watched in a certain context.

The second problem is that there is a difference between being oblivious to the disaster at hand ala Bank Robbery, and just leaving someone to die as was the case here. If the short was going to imply that Animal Man saved a cow over a woman, fine. But stick with that instead of somehow allowing the woman tied on train tracks to escape just to make a comedic point. I still like the style, but this was not quite as much fun as the first.

05 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Safety (Bicycling II)

Unlike cars, its actually unsafe to practice "hands free" on a bike. Thanks Batman. About those helmets, I am still awaiting bike safety part III.

04 October 2012

Marvel Aims to Unite Heroes in a New Animated Movie

After kicking off an age of direct to video animated films with Ultimate Avengers in 2006, Marvel eventually shelved the line after it ended on the whimper that was Thor: Tales of Asgard. In the meantime, DC has moved to a three a year release schedule that is still holding strong. Well, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now know of plans for Marvel to get back in the game with Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Attack of the Giant Squid

Another underwater team-up for Supes and Aqs saw the duo fighting against a possible solution for world hunger in the form of a giant squid with growth inducing ink. And what are the chances that a guy named Dr. Pisces would be interested in fish? What a coinkydink.

Episode Count: 0261
Series Count: (29 of 60)

03 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Health (Drugs)

Say no to drugs and you may get a lift home from Superman!

They Are Iron Men

Excited for Iron Man 3 yet?

First Look at Arrow's Deadshot

Thanks to Superhero Hype, here is the first look at Arrow's Deadshot. How does this compare to his previous onscreen appearances? One week until Arrow day!

02 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - River of Doom

 Rima returns! This time teaming with Wonder Woman for ultimate girl power and literal cat calls.

01 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Magic (The Disappearing Coin Illusion)

One catch with this trick is that it doesn't work if you are wearing gloves... which pretty much made Aquaman a bad choice for the one to teach it. C'est la vie.