16 July 2011

New Captain America Poster Captures Old School Vibe

Marvel has released another poster for next Friday's Captain America: The First Avenger. This poster gives me a nostalgic feeling reminding me of an '80's action adventure movie like Indiana Jones or Director Joe Johnston's 1991 superhero foray, The Rocketeer.

Hopefully the movie is able to capture some of the magic of those films as well and is able to attract an audience in the wake of Pottermania which just gave Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 the opening day box office record.

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15 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Secret Agent

Original Airdate: July 30, 1943

Superman rescued a secret US agent, delivered her to DC and flew over the Capitol.

Best Part: Superman has always been an advocate of truth, justice, and the American way. It was nice to see him salute the flag in this final, and more upbeat episode.

Worst Part: The action was a little light. Superman defeated an elevator and a wheel. I would have liked to see the stakes a little higher after all he had already been through during this series.

Episode Count: 0017
Series Count: (17 of 17)

14 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man's "Human Spider" Costume

I must have missed this image when making the last post, but it is pretty hilarious... in a good way. If I were to try and make a homemade Spider-Man costume, this is probably about as close as I would come.

See Spidey's Web Shooters, Dr Curt Connors, and More

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly are some fresh photos of The Amazing Spider-Man. I am getting pumped!

Out with the organic webs of Raimi's Man-Spider and in with mechanical web shooters

Dr. "Don't call me the Lizard...yet" Curt Connors

Um, no comment

Aunt May! "FINISH IT!"

How sweet, Peter and Gwenie Gwen Stacy

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Alphas: Pilot (2011) - Quickie Review

Recommended For: TV junkies desperate for a fix of superheroes on television, in any form.

Heroes: The Alphas are a government sponsored team of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities composed of:
Dr. Rosen - Powerless Leader
Bill - Enhanced Fight or Flight Response Giving Power Surges
Hicks - Expert Marksman (Think Bullseye)
Nina- Power of Persuasion
Gary- Reads and Interprets Electromagnetic Waves (also has Asperger Syndrome)
Rachel- Enhanced Senses of Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Taste (and possibly Humor)

Villains: A guy with a grey suit that could hypnotize people.

Diabolical Scheme: Grey suit dude (sorry I forgot his name) basically worked for an anti-Alpha team (sorry I forgot their name, Team Omega?) who were trying to take out the Alphas.

Coolest Moment(s): Hicks made a couple of pretty remarkable shots involving firearms.

Worst Moment: Nothing too egregious.

Review in 50 Words or Less: Attempting to strip mine well-trod territory, Alphas is more grounded than Heroes, less campy than The Cape, less "ABC Family" than No Ordinary Family, and plays more like a tricked out CSI than X-Men on a budget. Good enough to sell the next episode but not season pass worthy yet.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Underground World

Original Airdate: June 18, 1943

Lois and Clark went on a cave spelunking expedition and discovered bird people. Surprisingly the bird people were not too nice and needed to have Superman teach them a lesson.

Best Part: Bird people! After the downer brought on by the last episode, it was fun to have some escapism. I mean, just like in Jungle Drums, Lois found herself tied up and about to be burned alive while her tormentors danced around her, but having the bad guys be bird people made it a lot more fun.

Worst Part: Not too egregious, but after all their trouble Perry White lit Lois' story on fire and said that no one would believe it. Really Chief, it is soooo far fetched after all you've been through?

Episode Count: 0016
Series Count: (16 of 17)

13 July 2011

Amazing Head Shot of the Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man kind of looks like a basket ball, but I do like that it looks like something someone could really make. Can't wait to see the Lizard.

via ComicBookMovie

EDIT: and a full frontal shot as well

Watch the Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Now (Official)

UPDATE 3:Back by popular demand is the now officially released trailer for The Dark Knight sequel, The Dark Knight Rises in good quality!

UPDATE 2: Sorry :( the jig is up. Unfortunately, due to a cease and desist order, this content has been removed. But the Dark Knight Rises Teaser will return once it has been officially released.

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Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Jungle Drums

Original Airdate: March 26, 1943

After Lois Lane's plane was shot down in Africa, Superman had to find her and help relay vital war information to the Allied fleet before they were surprised by Nazi U-boats. So... these propaganda episodes are kind of downers.

Best Part: I mean, I guess its good that Superman narrowly saved Lois from being burned at a stake by Nazi's while being danced around by African natives. But this isn't the sort of escapism I would go seeking.

Worst Part: Hitler's cameo was noteworthy, but I am longing for the good old days of plain ol mad science.

Episode Count: 0015
Series Count: (15 of 17)

12 July 2011

Nick Fury and Captain America to Meet Up After the Credits Roll

According an interview with Captain America directer Joe Johnston at ComicBookMovie.com:

The scene between Chris Evans and Nick Fury was cut together from AVENGERS footage, so I had nothing to do with it other than agree to put it after the credits.

Even though the details are light, we learn a few things from this one brief statement. 

1) There WILL BE a scene after the credits of Captain America: The First Avenger which continues the fine Marvel tradition. Don't be the guy that has to stop on the stairs to watch the scene because you weren't in the know. 

2) The scene will contain some sort of exchange between Captain America and Nick Fury. At least I assume it will be the character played by Chris Evans that meets Nick Fury rather than Chris himself. 

3) Just like the Thor post credits scene featuring Loki, Fury, and the Cosmic Cube, this scene will be directed by Avengers director Joss Whedon.

I guess I will stick around. 

New Batman Poster is Such a Tease

This poster doesn't tell us much, but it sure looks cool. Another thing I suppose that we can take from it is the color scheme of the upcoming movie. Batman Begins was heavy in the sepia and The Dark Knight was saturated with blue. Will The Dark Knight Rises be a washed out black and white? The other word on the street is that a teaser trailer may materialize by Friday to be paired with the final Potter movie. Yay!

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mummy Strikes

Original Airdate: February 19, 1943

King Tush's eternal rest was disturbed and so his mummified guards went nuts. For no extra charge there was a nice history lesson using still shots of hieroglyphics.

Best Part: Literally, the only redeeming part of this episode was the inclusion of mummies... especially when the title implied just a single mummy. Plural mummies was a definite value added benefit.

Worst Part: This was really poorly done. Superman showed up for maybe 15 seconds of screen time, pushed a mummy once, and the roof caved in. The end. Way to go Superman.

Episode Count: 0014
Series Count: (14 of 17)
Mummy Count: 0001

11 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Destruction Inc.

Original Airdate: December 25, 1942

Superman and Lois went undercover and discovered the manager of a munitions company wanted to blow up the factory. Egads.

Best Part: I admit to experiencing slight amusement over Clark's “disguise” as a Commissioner Gordon look-alike security guard.

Worst Part: There really wasn’t any single compelling moment in this episode; the stakes were at their lowest yet. Superman vs a couple of guys. Three guesses who won...

Episode Count: 0013
Series Count: (13 of 17)