16 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Return of Nepto

Even though the episode is titled the Return of Nepto, don't worry about continuity issues. This isn't like the Return of Brainiac SNAFU where episodes aired out of order. This is Nepto's one and only appearance and his return is a plot element, not referencing a previous onscreen appearance.

15 December 2011

Another Ghost Rider Trailer Scorches up the Web

No, the trailer does not mae this movie look good at all and I would be incredibly surprised if it was a moneymaker, but Ghost Rider sure makes for a good looking trailer, the picture above notwithstanding.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Rampaging Reptile-Men

Now that we had switched to the underwater venue, I sort of assumed the alien invasion plots were a thing of the past. You know what they say, never assume.

Retrospective 2011 - Part 3

While May ushered in the summer season, things really got out of control in June and July with the release of two more Marvel movies, one from DC, the third Transformers, a direct to video movie tie in and a new live action series. 

X-Men: First Class

After X2, the X-Men franchise had been on the downward slide until X-Men: First Class attempted to reinvigorate the franchise. Even though some of the most popular mutants could not fit into the movie while maintaining series continuity, First Class still delivered an excellent story by adding depth to the characters of Magneto and Xavier. Perhaps due to ill will against previous X-Men films or because of the absence of Wolverine, the film failed to crack $150 million in the US. Still, good reviews and home video sales may be enough to ensure X-Men's second class get their deserved screen time in a sequel.

14 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Menace of the Black Manta

Not bad. There were a lot of things to like here. First of all, I enjoyed Aquaman's supporting cast. Not only do you get the main hero, but a sidekick with Aqualad (who Aquaman creepily calls "Tadpole"), a superpet with Tusky the Walrus, rideable seahorses Storm and Imp (and Mera's pink horse), and of course the undersea redhead bombshell Mera who even provided a Botticelli Birth of Venus homage as she emerged from giant sea clam. [/wolf whistle] Maybe I just have a thing for fish. Aquaman on the other hand didn't seem to appreciate her very much as he just rode of at the end leaving her behind. Not very chivalrous. I think she could do better (wink wink).

Grainy Leaked Batman Prologue Still Looks Amazing

The prologue to the 2012 Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises has predictably leaked but I will do my darndest to leep it posted below. The footage featured a "Darth Bane" in an action sequence that will look incredible when not being viewed via shaky phone camera.

13 December 2011

Another Hot Ghost Rider Poster, Excited Yet?

I think its been well established that Ghost Rider is visually impressive. Take this poster for example. It looks pretty awesome. But according to early word on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the non-sequel, non-reboot that no one demanded for old Flamehead is another dud. Is anyone surprised? Yes, vomiting and urinating fire may look cool, but only for 30 seconds and that would be a pretty short movie. Its the other 89 and a half minutes that just can't seem to measure up. Can't wait for the unrated extended edition.

Onscreen Histories of Fire and Ice

While most of DC's ice powered characters gravitated toward villainy, Tora Olafsdotter chose the virtuous path of heroism. Ice first appeared in Justice League International #12 in 1988 becoming quick friends with teammate Fire. Fire was originally introduced in the 1979 comic Super Friends #25 based on the cartoon series as a character called Green Fury. Fire was introduced in the main DC continuity in 1986's Infinity, Inc. #32.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Aquaman

It is amazing that Aquaman was the first DC hero, after Superman, to get his own animated series. I guess it makes sense that because Superman had pretty much fought every space alien / land beast imaginable and the sea was the next logical frontier.

GI Joe 2 Trailer Promises Another Fun Romp

I will go on record and say the GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is better than all three Transformers movies. While it was not a perfect movie, it was a lot of fun- especially the final act with the underwater sequences and the showdown between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Speaking of the ninjas, the first GI Joe also featured an epic flashback within a flashback of the two rivals. Needless to say, I am looking forward to GI Joe 2: Retaliation (coming June 29, 2012) and this trailer hasn't let me down.

12 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Adventures of Superboy Recap

Alas, Superboy. I knew thee only too briefly. I have to say that overall the series was a letdown. Without Krypto, The Adventures of Superboy is pretty comparable to the lower tier of the New Superman Adventures episodes. The Superdog elevated the series a notch or two, but the series really suffered from a lack of villains. Sure, there were invading aliens a plenty, but hardly any characters I would classify as supervillains, and no recurring baddies. I did notice that even though Lana herself wasn't a great character, the episodes in which she appeared tended to be the better ones. So even if we never got to see the Insect Queen, at least LL worked out as a good luck charm.