11 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman of Tokyo #1

スーパーマン @ Tokyo or Superman of Tokyo was the first serialized set of shorts. This first segment has a lot in common with the Fleischer Superman shorts from back in the day with the whole "faster than a speeding bullet" shtick. While it would take multiple episodes to be able to determine how well the concept worked, on its own though, this was sort of strange. The baby Kenta (in a manner similar to the hero now known as Shazam!) transformed into the adult Superman when donning a diaper-cape... Bring on the mechas.

10 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - City in a Bottle

 I hate to stereotype, but alien cavemen are always trouble. Once again, I guess Brainiac was busy but that didn't keep the writers from dishing out another entry in the surprisingly prolific bottled city genre.

09 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Hitchhike

Yep, they nailed creepy, tinted glasses and all. Hitchhiking to save the fare for the jukebox proved to be a bad idea. At least hopefully this kept a couple people from being kidnapped, but this was a bit on the creepy side for a show that also tells kids not to eat cups. This reminds me of a stranger danger episode of Diff'rent Strokes I saw as a kid that freaked me out about some kidnapper. But where that got a adult content warning, this got the Wonder Twins. Having said all that, this wasn't a great outing, even for the twins.

Episode Count: 0242
Series Count: (10 of 60)

08 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Safety (Petting)

Instead of a lesson on petting, maybe Wonder Woman should have given a PSA on leash laws. I just can't wait to see what other safety issues plagued 1977.

07 August 2012

Onscreen History of Krypto the Superdog

Although Jimmy Olsen is Superman's Pal, Superman's best friend must be Krypto the Superdog who first appeared in 1955's Adventure Comics #210.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Hydronoids

I can't resist... This episode showed Aquaman a little green behind the gills.

06 August 2012

Superhero Box Office Showdowns - 2012 and Beyond

They said the genre was in decline. They said the superhero movie fad was almost over. Well, a decade into this golden age for superhero cinema, 2012 is the biggest year yet. Now that the dust has begun to settle, lets take a look at the final stats for 2012 and examine some of the epic clashes poised for the next two years.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Health (Smoking)

Not sure how a kid gets away with smoking on the bench during a little league game, but according to Superman, he is a loser! Take that Joe Camel.