27 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Fire From Olympus

 Whereas the Ventriloquist is one of my favorite psychologically rooted, under utilized Bat-villains, Maxie Zeus is one of my least favorite. I suppose the idea of someone thinking they were actually Zeus could be interesting, Maxie Zeus is just incredibly cheesy. From his attire, to his name, to his living in a wannabe Percy Jackson style Mt. Olympus skyscraper, this one was mostly a miss for me.

26 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Read My Lips

The Ventriloquist / Scarface is one of my all time favorite Batman villains and while he has great potential to come off as campy and ridiculous, this episode stuck the landing once again. Although there are no supernatural elements at play here, the way Scarface is presented, you almost aren't quite sure. Of everyone, the Ventriloquist seems the most fearful of Scareface which does a lot to sell his menace.

25 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Demon's Quest

 This epic two-part globetrotting tale introduced Ra's al Ghul not only to me, but to the animated world of DC. True, he did appear in Off Balance, but this outing cemented his status as a worthy A-list villain for the Dark Knight. In many ways, Ra's engineered test played out like a James Bond movie, full of thugs, traps, exotic locales, Talia as the Bond babe, and even a great score. The episode even featured skiing assassins, a Bondian trope.

24 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - See No Evil

Just a couple episodes ago, Bats was blind. Now we get an invisible villain that Bats can't see. I wasn't really feeling this one, maybe it was the ordinaryness of the villain, but the episode just seemed unBatmanny. 

23 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Day of the Samurai

Night of the Ninja was better than I remembered setting me up to be slightly disappointed by its sequel. This is another one I did not really remember, but watching it now I just kept thinking of Kung Fu Panda. Not this episode's fault, cleary, but I just wasn't blown away. But at least, no Penguin!