17 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Flash Recap

After watching the three Flash shorts, the question I asked myself was, "Would I really like to see more of them?" I guess the answer would actually be yes. While I feel like three episodes were more than enough to showcase the Atom, I think the Flash had a lot more potential to be tapped. That's not to say the Flash shorts were great, but it seems like the character could have provided Filmation with his own series. In any case, the Blue Bolt character made To Catch a Blue Bolt the episode of the three I would recommend, just skip the last 30 seconds with the cat.

Essential Episode:
To Catch a Blue Bolt

16 February 2012

The Elite Manchester Black Revealed

The SupermanHomePage was lucky enough to score an advance copy of Justice League: Doom containing a sneak peek at this summer's Superman vs. The Elite and they managed to snap a quick pic of the Elite's own leader, the nefarious Manchester Black.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - To Catch a Blue Bolt

From filling dikes to turning the Eiffel Tower into an electromagnet to saving the Sphinx, the Flash and Kid Flash had their hands full thwarting the alien Blue Bolt. It was fun seeing the speedsters challenge 1, a decent foe and 2, another speedster. Their defeat of Blue Bolt however was ridiculous. They set up a ramp and launched him into space because he was running too fast and couldn't stop, or even turn one degree, even though he clearly saw the trap. Rather than going out on a decent note, the episode ended with a couple of very forced cat puns and that was how the Flash ended. Not with a bang, but a whim"purr."

Episode Count: 0152
Series Count: (3 of 3)

15 February 2012

All New 3D Teen Titans Short

Over at IGN.com part of another Teen Titans short, dubbed New Teen Titans, has been posted. And while its not actually in 3D, the third dimension is the theme of the short. Oh, and Control Freak makes an appearance complete with reference to Alien. Hopefully the rest of this short will air on March 3 when DC Nation premiers. 

Watch it now embedded below:

Arrow Lands its Black Canary

The role of Dinah "Laurel" Lance has fallen to Katie Cassidy.  Apparently she has a track record on CW shows, but not being in their prime demographic, I haven't seen her on Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, or even Supernatural. I have to say, this is a step up from the Smallville or Birds of Prey Dinah's. Mo word yet on whether or not she will bellow the canary cry this fall.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Take a Giant Step

Kid Flash made his onscreen debut by speeding directly into a giant robots claw and stopping to allow himself to be thrown. Fortunately, "Flasher" was there to catch him. The two ended up captured by robots, then escaped from robots, then defeated the main robot before racing off. Once again, Flash was given the opportunity to show off his speed and vibro-escape methods, but the villain was utterly lame. And hopefully Kid Flash is more competent in his Teen Titans adventures.

Episode Count: 0151
Series Count: (2 of 3)
First Appearance: Kid Flash

14 February 2012

Onscreen History of Vandal Savge

The immortal Vandal Savage first appeared in Green Lantern #10 in 1943 facing off against the original Lantern, Alan Scott. Senor Savage began his existence as a caveman who gained immortality when exposed to a meteorite. Since that time he has had a hand in history's greatest empires using aliases Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, Julius Ceasar, and Vlad the Impaler. Savage is now set to lead the evil Legion in the upcoming Justice League: Doom.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Chemo-Creature

This episode got off to a bad start when a red ant being irradiated by scientist is actually not red at all. Anyway, not only did the ant get big as intended but it developed some powers including a gas spraying snout and laser antennae. And the chase was on for the Flash to catch the bug. In the end, the bug reverted to being just "a little ant with big dreams." Hardy har har.

13 February 2012

First Look at Superman Vs. The Elite

Here it is folks, the first look at The Man of Steel and his blushing bride from this summer's upcoming film, Superman vs. The Elite. No, Jay Leno is not voicing Superman, and no Superman does not have a goiter, but his chin is undeniably enormous. According to TVGuide.Com, Lois Lane will be voiced by Pauley Perrette and George Newbern will reprise the role of Superman after voicing the hero in the Justice League animated series. With the release of Justice League: Doom in two weeks, more news and images should be out there soon.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Flash

A scarlet costume ejects from his ring. And in a blur of motion Police Scientist Barry Allen becomes THE FLASH - worlds fastest human. THE FLASH whose speed enables him to vibrate through solid walls and conquer the barriers of time and space in the pursuit of evil doers. THE FLASH, Scarlet Speedster for Justice.