26 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Doom Patrol - Chapter Six: Trial of the Terrible Titan

I really, really want to love these Doom Patrol shorts - and they do look great. But after being teased with them for over a year its anticlimactic to get Chapter 1 followed by Chapter 6 which ends on a cliffhanger. I mean, what in the world!? Is there even another chapter? Is it chapter 7? Will this be another Sword of the Atom debacle that ended without a conclusion? The Doom Patrol deserves better. The short itself was fun enough and teased potential, but I think the series may fall short.

DC Nation Short Count: 0096

25 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mad as a Hatter


 Its hard to believe I am already a quarter of the way through the series because the amazing character introductions are still coming strong (with the exception of a couple hiccups / quacks with the Penguin). This episode, like others that have come earlier, took a lesser know villain in the Mad Hatter and instantly elevated him to fan favorite status with a tragic back story. :'( The Hatter's mind control was also a nice differentiating element that made him a reasonable threat despite his lack of physical  prowess. Of course, his assaults on Batman would become more personal in the episodes that followed...

24 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Forgotten

Maybe not a classic, but even though this is kind of a weird episode I feel is a bit underrated. The twangy score and off-putting villain may be unusual for the series, but those elements also give the episode a bit of a unique personality. I will also give it credit for an interesting use of the old amnesia cliche which had undercover Batman abducted and shipped to a work camp. 

23 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Prophecy of Doom

I seem to remember this one being terrible, but it actually wasn't half bad... which makes Batman in my Basement seem all the worse. Don't worry, I am not going to get carried away with praise. As a charismatic con man fortune teller, Nostromos was a decent made up villain, but not one that I would ever invite back and overall the episode is fairly forgettable, but harmless.

22 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Vendetta

Another episode, another character introduction. And while Killer Croc does not rank high on my list of all time favorite Batman villains, Vendetta does a great job of making him a reasonable adversary for Batman. In fact, this depiction of Croc in this episode may be stand as the characters pinnacle of achievement. What's great about this episode is that not only does Croc serve as a menacing villain, but its a great Batman detective story as well.

21 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - I've Got Batman in My Basement

This episode has the notoriety of being labeled the worst episode of the series. Is that a fair accusation? I would say its mostly true, though unfortunately there are a couple of other contenders. Even though Batman: The Animated Series hit a lot of home runs, it also had a few strike outs. And what better villain to strike out first than the fine feathered fiend, the Penguin.