09 May 2011

Quest for the Box Office Crown - Thor's Thunderous Opening

Summer hast officially begun with Thor the God of Thunder hammering home $65,811,000 during his opening weekend. While this is a solid opening, it may place a $200 million finish slightly out of reach for the bearded one. The original Iron Man opened with 98.6 million and went on to earn $318 million. The same trajectory would give Thor a $212 million finish. On the other hand, Marvel Studios other non-sequel The Incredible Hulk opened with 54.5 million on its way to $134.8 million. Hulk's trajectory would land the son of Odin at $170 million. The safe bet is that Thor will land somewhere in between at around $190 million. While that is not quite as high as I had originally predicted, the sum should be pleasing enough to the execs back in Asgard to green-light a sequel for the Mighty Thor.