07 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Warlock's Revenge

So the Warlock has a sister and she is guess what? A witch. Like a straight out of the Wizard of Oz witch. She sprang the Warlock out of jail and the hijinks began.

06 October 2011

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Pilot (1993) - Discount Review

Recommended For: With Smallville having ended and no Superman or other high profile superhero movies on the Fall schedule and The Man of Steel still two years off, it just may be time to dust off this old series. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Luthor's Loco Looking Glass

Luthor trapped Jimmy in a mirror in order to lure Superman to his amusement park.

05 October 2011

Breaking Down the Beware the Batman Promo Poster

At first glance, the promo poster for the upcoming computer animated 2013 Beware the Batman series contains all sorts of unfamiliar images. Aside from Batman (regardless of his look) fans may not be familiar with the other featured characters. Fear not, here's a quick 101 and a guide to where you may have seen these guys before.

Clip of Batman Bringing Down the House, Literally (Year One)

On the one hand, its frustrating that DC keeps churning out Batman shows when their library of heroes runs so deep... on the other hand, how can anyone complain when the projects looks so amazing. Batman Year One looks like a keeper. And after all, DC does stand for Detective Comics.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Atomic Superman

Some scientist made an explosive so powerful that he wanted Superman to fly to the moon and drink it to test it. Unfortunately, it made him breathe fire. So Superman went to Mercury for a while to hang with the locals. He ended up powering a fire-powered CPR machine and then realized he'd used up his flame so he went home.

04 October 2011

First Look at Beware the Batman and DC Nation

Here is the first look at promotional art for the 2013 CGI Batman series, Beware the Batman, presented during a presentation at the MIP Junior conference (embedded below). Along with Bat is the "heat-packing" Alfred, Katana, Prof Pyg, and the Toad. But wait, there's more!

UPDATE: Some brief clips are posted on Facebook.

Onscreen History of Captain Atom

Not to be confused with the tiny titan, Captain Atom first appeared in 1960's Space Adventures #33. Although currently a mainstay of the DC Universe, even getting his own book as part of the 52 book relaunch this past September, Captain Atom was originally a Charlton Comics creation (who incidentally was the inspiration for everyone's favorite naked blue guy, The Watchmen's own Dr. Manhattan)

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Cage of Glass

Brainiac shrank and bottled the city of Metropolis. Dun, DUN, DUNNNNNNNNN!

Beware the Batman Will be a Citizen of DC Nation

 Early news regarding Cartoon Networks DC Nation programming block are out and one of the highlights is the announcement of a CGI Batman series titled Beware the Batman to hit airwaves in 2013. So, the first details of the series are a tad worrisome. Apparently, Batman will team with a "gun-toting" Alfred and female ninja sidekick Katana. On the bright side, new villains including Professor Pyg have been promised along with old favorites.

03 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Toyman's Super-Toy

The Toyman's back. His latest toy was a giant robot bug! Sweet, giant bugs two episodes in a row.