09 July 2009

The Justice League: A Super Friendly Tour (Part 11)

Justice League of America (TV movie)

In 1997 it seemed like a good idea to someone to pitch a live-action Justice League of America TV series. Thank the maker it failed. The movie was filmed in the "mockumentary" style centering on DC heroine Ice / meteorologist Ice.

What better villain to showcase in this pilot than The Weatherman? Luckily Flash, Guy Gardner Green Lantern, The Atom, and Fire, led by the Martain Manhunter were on hand to help save the day.

The pilot ended with The Weatherman captured but poised to be the series' Big Bad. It really makes you wonder why with all of the great heroes to choose from why they would choose these guys, and why the Manhunter would look so terrible.

At least Fire, Ice, and the Martian finally made their onscreen debuts as did the Guy Garner Lantern (who looked nothing like Guy).

The show never aired stateside and this poor man's league never got their heroic day in the spotlight, until now.

Availability: YouTube

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06 July 2009

Up Performs an Incredibles Takedown

Over the weekend Pixar's Up floated past The Incredibles total of $261,441,092 to become Pixar's second biggest film ever. Ice Age 3 also opened to a modest $67 million with just $42.5 mil coming over the actual weekend. This less than stellar opening is another disappointment for Fox. It looks like Wolverine still has a strong chance of being their biggest hit, also outperforming Night at the Museum. This probably bodes well (or not so well depending on your point of view) for Fox going back to the X-Well for summers to come.