17 June 2011

Watch the Green Lantern Post Credits Leaked Scene

In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like my power*... Sinestro's might!

Although the first link is dead, I have found another of Sinestro putting on the yellow ring during the ending credits scene in the Green Lantern movie.

Guide to the Green Lantern Corps - Part 7

Today is the day! Green Lantern has arrived.

14 June 2011

First Look at Assembled Avengers in Live Action

BleedingCool.Com has scored a look at a promotional poster for The Avengers teasing the looks of the team members in next years live action movie. As promised, Captain America has a slightly updated look, Hulk got a hair cut, and Hawkeye is sporting some new duds. And alas, Thor still prefer to go helmetless. Overall, I like it, but I am not sure that the positions of the characters, particularly flying kick Black Widow over the city, make a ton of sense.

UPDATED: Better quality image added from ComicVine.com

Guide to the Green Lantern Corps - Part 4

13 June 2011

In Its Second Week, X-Men Out-Supered

In not terribly surprising news, X-Men: First Class dropped to second place for the weekend behind opener Super 8. The second weekend total of $25 million elevated the mutants to a $99 million domestic total to date, officially surpassing the total of The Green Hornet. The X-Men still has some gas in the tank, having kept nearly an even pace with the original X-Men film. Look for a finish close to $150 million. Thor continues to chug along. At nearly $174 million, Thor looks to peter out at about $180 million.

Next weekend, Green Lantern opens as a bit of a wild card. Images of the movie have been plastered everywhere, but some negative buzz has fed skeptics. Remember DC has a lot riding on this movie's success including plans for a Lantern Trilogy and a Flash franchise. My gut tells me it will do fair to good since it does look like it has potential for a broader audience than X-Men or Thor. It definitely looks more family friendly than X-Men, but whether or not that translates into camp is yet to be seen. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an opening around $65 million and a near $200 million finish.

Crisis Clue #3

from there and back again with a flash, it's coming...

One week to go!

Guide to the Green Lantern Corps - Part 3