12 May 2012

First Look at DC Nation's Vibe

During the conclusion of this morning's DC Nation block, the animated Vibe was revealed. Vibe will be appearing in a pair of shorts next week, Enter Extreme-O Parts One and Two. Learn more about Vibe here

It was also revealed to day that in two weeks not only will we be treated to a fourth Super Best Friends Forever short, but the first in a series of Sword of the Atom shorts. For all the schedule updates and links to full aired shorts including today's New Teen Titans - Blackfire's Babysitter and MAD Presents That's What Super Friends Are For, check out the Superhero Shows Guide to DC Nation Shorts.

11 May 2012

Spotlight on Green Arrow

Not only did Superman Batman Apocalypse hit stores today, but the DVD contained an all new short featuring the Emerald Archer. Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow first appeared in 1941's More Fun Comics #73 (despite what the cover depicts).


Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Holy Bat Couch Gag!

Truly cementing its legendary status, the Adam West Batman series was immortalized by a Simpsons couch gag in 2003 during the series 15th season. The animated opening sequence featured America's favorite family sliding down bat-poles into their Simpsons cave dressed as members of the Bat-family.

10 May 2012

Watch a Clip From Superman Vs. The Elite

The first clip from the upcoming Superman Vs. The Elite movie has been released along with a few new images. The clip introduces The Elite, the movies team of antagonist anti-heroes. Can't say I loved the clip or the movies animation, but I did hear great things from those who saw the whole film at Wondercon, so I am remaining hopeful. Just over a month to go until release.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Blankman Credits

Although the original Batman live-action series ran in 1966, its influence has been long lasting with pop-culture references to this day. While it was perhaps not seen by anyone since the movie was a flop, the animated opening sequence of the 1994 Blankman movie paid homage to the 60's classic.

How Does The Avengers Opening Weekend Total Measure Up?

Turns out that even factoring in inflation numbers (shown in gray) Marvel's The Avengers still out earned all previous movies based on Marvel or DC properties. Including inflation, The Dark Knight remains in second place with $175 million narrowly edging out Spider-Man 3's adjusted total of $174 million. At this point, a $500+ million total for The Avengers is all but assured - it should be sitting near $375 million by the end of this coming weekend. The question that remains is whether or not it will exceed The Dark Knight's adjusted take of $588 million to become the all time superhero box office champ.

09 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman Credits

In the spirit of full disclosure, The Adventures of Batman was not truly the first animated appearance by The Cowled One, Batman nor the pixie-booted Robin. The animated Duo first hit the airwaves during the opening credits sequence of the live-action Batman series beginning in 1966.

08 May 2012

Onscreen History of Loki

Appearing as early as 1949 in Marvel's Venus #6, mischief maker Loki made his first official appearance in 1962's Journey into Mystery #85 and has since been a consistent foil to Thor and the Avengers.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Adventures of Batman Recap


And thus ends not only the Adventures of Batman AKA Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder, but the entire epic run of 1960's DC Filmation animation.

07 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Opera Buffa

Being the series last episode and having an opera theme, I was really hoping to see a singing fat lady, but alas.