25 September 2010

Hydra Lives

Another daily dose.

24 September 2010

Enter Ant-Man

Ant-Man is introduced in today's installment of the Avengers micro series. A little off topic, does Ant-Man have a villain named Man-Ant? That would be pretty awesome. Even Man-Aunt could be cool.

23 September 2010

All-Star Superman Trailer Hits Early

The trailer says "Winter 2011," so if I take that literally, this will arrive on or before March 20th. It looks okay. I am not blown away by the animation, nor by the Lex heavy plot. The comic was pretty good, but I can't really tell how much of the good stuff was cut for time.

Watch Iron Man Barf

Catch this leaked alternate opening to Iron Man 2 while it lasts.

The Hulk Has Come

The Avengers micro series episode 2 of 20 has arrived. Like yesterday's Iron Man, the designs seem quite influenced by the live-action movies.

22 September 2010

Avengers Debuts Online RIGHT NOW

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes series is here... almost. Over at Disney.com the first episode of a micro series has arrived titled Iron Man is Born! This 5-minute spot is the first of 20 daily segments leading into the series TV debut. Unsurprisingly, the episode focuses on Iron Man who takes on Hydra single handedly ending in a cliffhanger. Tomorrow The Coming of the Hulk is scheduled to debut.