10 September 2010

Smallville Super Suit Trailer

Yes, we will finally get to see the Superman suit this season on Smallville. I assume they will drag out the plot to make us wait until the final scene until Clark actually wears the suit or flies, but at least we know it will finally happen. Anyways, there is a new promo on line with a good look at the costume. But you know, if you want an even better look, go watch Superman Returns since its the exact same costume.

09 September 2010

New Megabland Trailer Hits the Net

Did we really need THREE Dreamworks movies this year? I mean it sorta seems like the well is running a bit dry. Also, I think Despicable Me may have stolen a bit of this movie's thunder. Who knows, maybe the movie is awesome but the trailers aren't, I mean thats kind of Pixar's marketing strategy.

Captain America has Been Seen

On the heels of an Emma Frost spotting, the first real look at Captain America in period garb has arrived as well. I like it, and just to show how this could have (rather has in the past) turned out, remember this similar and yet oh so different take?

08 September 2010

The White Queen is on the Board

The hat is a bit fuzzier than I would have expected, but she certainly is wearing a lot of white. I guess X-Men First Class is really underway.