22 October 2009

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - The New Adventures of Batman

At the same time that Batman and the Super Friends were challenging the Legion of Doom, Batman and his teen sidekicks were teamed up with an extradimensional being fighting masked vigilantes in Gotham on another network in The New Adventures of Batman.

That intro sure outwears its welcome after a couple episodes.

The series was a semi sequel to the live-action 60's series, though obviously this was animated and had an alien main character. The voices, however, were provided by none other than Adam West and Burt Ward and were just as over the top as ever.

The series lasted a single 16 episode season, but many of the staple villains were squeezed in. Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze all showed up, but even though he appeared in the credits, Riddler (clad in red) could not appear as he was licensed to the Legion of Doom series instead (same for Scarecrow).

The real identifiable aspect of this series was the Bat-Mite character. He called himself Batman's biggest fan and always tagged along. But Batman wasn't very nice to the little dude. The truth is Bat-Mite did mess a lot of stuff up, but he usually fixed things too, after all he seemed to have limitless magical abilities. I really don't understand what the point of making him a main character was. I guess to appeal to kids, but he just seems so out of place.

I admit one or two episodes are kind of fun, but after that you realize how many better versions of Batman there are that you could be watching instead. And besides, all of the cost saving animation featuring still heads and moving mouths gets pretty dull. See what I mean:

Up Next: Batman '89

21 October 2009

The Phantom (1996) - Film Capsule

Heroes: The Phantom

Villains: Xander Drax

Diabolical Scheme: To reunite three skulls to create an awesome weapon of destruction and to dominate the world.

Coolest Moment(s): Death by microscope.

Worst Moment: I don't care how true to the comics it is, a purple leotard is a lame costume.

Opening Weekend: $5,072,346

Total Domestic Box Office: $17,323,326

Review in 50 Words or Less: Like the Rocketeer or the Shadow, this isn't near as bad as you expect, in fact, its somewhat OK, somewhat. While not completely cheese free, the period setting makes some campiness seem more nostalgic than lame. Its worth checking out if you have already seen all the “real” superhero movies.

20 October 2009

New JSA on Smallville Info

Previous word on the JSA line-up was a tad premature, though it turns out it was partially accurate. Its now official that Hawkman and Dr. Fate will be appearing on Smallville's Society episode, and the third team member appearing will be none other than Stargirl. Look for more info on these characters on screen histories in the weeks to come.

19 October 2009

Superman and Batman 2 Return

On the heels of good sales by the Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie, the word on the street is that a sequel project is in the works. Since Public Enemies was the first story in the Superman Batman title's run, its seems logical the next film could focus on story arc #2 which reintroduced Supergirl and happened to be one of the series best received tales to date. The story also involved eveyone's favorite despot Darkseid. I wouldn't mind a series of Batman Superman movies, though if sequels are going to start appearing, I am still holding out for another Green Lantern movie.

Here is how the comic book story is described. Beware of SPOILERS:

In "The Supergirl From Krypton" (issues #8-13, illustrated by Michael Turner), the Kryptonite asteroid is revealed to hold a pod that contains Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El. Batman says her arrival is too coincidental. Wonder Woman abducts Kara to Themyscira to train her for combat. Darkseid kidnaps Kara, intending her to be the new leader of the Female Furies. She is rescued from Darkseid and taken back to Earth. The villain follows; seemingly killing Kara at the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent. An enraged Superman throws Darkseid into the reality-spanning Source Wall, entrapping him. However, Kara is back in Themyscira and is introduced to the world as Supergirl.