09 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Cyborg the Lifeguard

As much as I love Cyborg, this short fell a little flat. Set up as four mini shorts of Cyborg's various failures to save a girl in a swimming pool, there were a couple funny gags, but in the end I really didn't get the point. In the end Cy got a kiss, was that what he was after all along? or was the girl ever in danger? Did he "save" the give 4 times? or was this just 4 possible outcomes and a single event? I am obviously thinking about it too much, and it was still a bit of fun, but it fell below the high bar set by previous New Teen Titans shorts like Turn Back the Clock.

08 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Final Challenge

Another great and memorable one. In this episode, the heroes and villains were pitted matches that would determine who lived and who died, Star Trek Arena style. And while I guess not all the heroes could win their bouts, poor Aquaman lost to Darth Manta (who oddly now pilots a space ship) and Apache Chief was outwitted by Scarecrow. Batman defeated the Riddler, Wonder Woman beat Cheetah, and Superman bested Bizarro. In the end, the Friends and Legion teamed against their games master and the status quo prevailed.

07 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Incredible Space Circus

The episode opened strong with some cowboys on flying horses wrangling a space dragon... Who said they were running out of ideas?  But sometimes outrageous is just what the doctor ordered and this one sure was crazy. After all, everyone loves Wonder Rhino. 

06 February 2013

Super History of Superman: Stamp Day for Superman (1954)

Some call Stamp Day for Superman the 105th episode of the Adventures of Superman series because it uses the series actors and sets; however, the episode was specially commissioned by the US Department of the Treasury in 1954 and shown in schools to promote the purchase of savings bonds. So, the piece plays more as propaganda or a commercial than the rest of the series. Also, since it was paid for by government, this episode is in the public domain. Feel free to distribute it at will. Seems like selling bonds to kids is a tough market, but if anyone can do it, Superman is probably the one.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Conquerors of the Future

Ah, another classic. In this one, the Legion acted as if they had reformed, beating the heroes to avert crises. It was pretty hilarious watching as the Legion acted shocked that they were being accused of any wrong doing. Why ever would the Friends have gotten that idea? And then out of the blue the episode changed plots.

05 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion Of the Brain Creatures

Yes, flying mind-controlling brains were this episodes threat. Good thing the Wonder Twins were there to outsmart them. And yes, this was actually even worse than it sounds.

Episode Count: 0313
Series Count: (21 of 32)

04 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Swamp of the Living Dead

Once again, feeling inadequate in their own evilness, the Legion of Doom sought the help of an old woman in a swamp who happened to have connections to an evil floating head. Once the head boxed all the Super Friends like a bad Cylon model, the Legion expected to get a boost in their evil rankings.Translation, they could control zombies.