23 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze

"But what's this? An ice cream man from outer space?" The ice cream man aka Mr. Freeze (making his animated debut) demanded 1 BILLION dollars, Dr. Evil style, or else he would freeze Gotham. Somehow, millionaire Bruce Wayne managed to pony up the billion to bait the trap. But stupidly, Batman and Robin accidentally let Mr. Freeze get the money which started off a whole sequence of inane events.

22 March 2012

Bits of Tid from Avengers Season 2

Readers of the blog are probably aware of my DC bias, but there is still a soft spot in my heart for Marvel, particularly when it comes to the X-Men. So what do the X-Men have to do with The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes? Everything! And here is a sneak peak at Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and a couple other upcoming guests.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Bird Out of Hand

This time it was a reformed Penguin who struck fear in the hearts of criminals as he used his umbrellas for good, protecting citizens from crime including Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Turns out it was all a ruse. All of the criminals captured by Pengy-Poo had an explosive feather to help coordinate a mass jailbreak. But Batman discovered the plan just in time and ended up capturing the Penguin on a giant flying umbrella with two other dudes in feathered eagle suits.

First Look at Doom Patrol and Animal Man, Citizens of DC Nation

Just revealed at DC Comics own site are the first official images from two upcoming DC Nation shorts featuring The Doom Patrol and Animal Man and both look fantastic. Although we have known The Doom Patrol would get a set of shorts since the first trailers for the animation block, this is the first look we have of Robot Man and Elasti-Girl (who had the name long before The Incredibles). Negative Man could be glimpsed in some of the previous promotions. The team looks amazing! Of course, this will be the third time The Doom Patrol has made it to the small screen with previous appearances on Teen Titans and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

21 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - My Crime Is Your Crime

Its finally here, the animated debut of Batman and Robin as well as Joker, Penguin and everyone's favorite cop, Police Commissioner Gordon. This episode was one of the double length ones and I guess with double the screen time its good we got double villains.

20 March 2012

SNIKT! Possible Poster for The Wolverine

The always amazing ScreenRant.com may have landed another scoop by nabbing this possible poster art for The Wolverine. Seeing this tease of the film which will be set in 1980's Japan (Karate Kid 2 style) made me realize how excited I am for this next entry in the Wolverine saga.

First Image From The Dark Knight Returns

Last weekend, a brief clip was shown from the animated treatment of The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1) which will be released this fall. Today, via MightyAction.Com the first image from the film was leaked, specifically, a reveal of the mutant leader. Not too much to go on, but I predict this movie will sell like gangbusters. In the meantime, why not go back and watch Batman vs the mutant leader from the New Batman Adventures tribute in the episode Legends of the Dark Knight.

Onscreen History of Clayface

There have been no shortage of villains (at least 8) assuming the alias Clayface. The first Clayface, Basil Karlo appeared in 1940's Detective #40. Although beginning as a simple master of disguise, Clayfaces have since become associated with shapeshifting powers.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Adventures of Batman


In 1968, Batman, Robin and a whole slew of Batman's supporting cast and villains finally made their animation debuts. 

19 March 2012

First Look at Arrow's Emerald Archer

With work underway on the CW pilot for the Green Arrow succinctly dubbed Arrow, it was only a matter of time before we got a glimpse at the hero. Thank goodness we wont have to wait until the series' final minutes to actually see the hero in his trademark costume. Speaking of Smallville, this look does remind me of Oliver Queen's duds from Smallville, though it also looks like he may be sporting the classic goatee this time around.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - DC Super Heroes Recap

The batch of Teen Titans episodes were easily at the top of the pile amid the DC Super Heroes with the other super team, Justice League of America coming in at the bottom. Since you would see all the Leaguers in action in their solo outings, the JLA did not make the essential five. Also, in an effort to give a variety, each of the heroes was only given a single slot.

Essential Five:

1. Operation Rescue (Teen Titans)

2. To Catch a Blue Bolt (Flash)

3. Evil is as Evil Does (Green Lantern)

4. Invasion of the Beetle-Men (Atom)

5. The Twenty Third Dimension (Hawkman)