13 January 2011

All Star Clip

Speaking of heroes clad in red and blue, here is a clip from next month's All Star Superman. This looks like a good one substance over (or at least along with) style.

Captain America Gets His Cap

In a big day for heroes red and blue, on top of our first peek at Spidey, we also got a look today at the helmeted Captain America. The costume I still like, the helmet looks a tad silly. But hey, it does have wings.

First Look - Spidey's New Duds

Here it is folks. The rebooted Spider-Man costume. My first reaction, I like it. It seems a tad more believable that a poor kid could somehow make / buy this. And I do like how they kept consistent with the look while making it distinct. So far, so good. Now show me the Lizard.

11 January 2011

The Red Skull Loves Cubes

While we eagerly await the Captain America trailer, we will have to make due with looks at a pair of cubes. The first shows movie concept art of the Red Skull with his little red fingers gripping the cosmic cube, a device of great cosmic power scheduled to play a key role in the movie.
Up next is another less red less skully actual image from the Captain America once again depicting Red Skull gripping the cube, this time with a gloved hand. I guess we still have to wait for the Red Skulls true reveal, but one thing is sure, the cube is in.