17 March 2012

Hawks, Saints, and Sapphires Coming to Green Lantern

Another video from Wondercon, this time featuring Green Lantern. Among the 4 clips were a fight with Red Lanterns including Skallox, Carol in full Sapphire regalia, Saint Walker meeting Razer, and Hal vs a Hawkman. This series looks like its going to just keep getting better.

Sneak a Peek at Young Justice Season 2

The last 20 seconds of footage revealed at Wondercon offer the first glimpses of Lobo and Blue Beetle (caps below) from the second season of Young Justice. Word from the Con is also that the 20 episode Invasion arc will involve 9 alien races! Sounds like the Young Leaguers will have their hands full.

Watch SBFF, Like the Best Thing in Forever

Well, maybe its not really THE best thing ever, but Super Best Friends Forever AKA SBFF does manage to provide a completely new take on some of the beloved gals of DC... all in just over a minute. Hopefully, DC Nation will allow some of the best received segments to find life beyond the planned five 1-minute shorts because SBFF has potential to entertain girls and boys alike. See for yourself. 

16 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Teen Titans Recap

I think its worth emphasizing Wonder Girl's role in these adventures. Wonder Girl was the very first female superhero to get an animated treatment, even before Wonder Woman (even if they were technically the same person). On the team, she was arguably portrayed as the most competent and powerful member of the team. Unfortunately, she was also subjected to lots of "doll" and "chick" jesting. Regardless, she is one of the key elements that made Teen Titans such a success. All three of the Teen Titans adventures were enjoyable, and for once we also got some slight variety with one invasion, one monster themed episode, and the final rescue episode. Any of the three episodes were watch worthy, but I choose Operation Rescue as the one to watch.

Essential Episode:
Operation Rescue

15 March 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man Gets an Iron Suit and New Trailer

The Iron Spider takes on Iron Man in this new and improved trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man. I guess I need to come to grips and accept that Spectacular Spider-Man isn't coming back. The idea of Spidey being trained by SHIELD does have potential, and this is the best trailer so far at showing the potential of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Superman Vs. The Elite Trailer Has Landed

EDIT: Now with dialogue, which does improve it a lot. Still not sure how this story will stretch to 70+ minutes...

Unfortunately, this is not a great trailer, maybe some dialogue would help, but the animation certainly looks a lot better than early images had hinted. Since the movie has a premier this weekend at Wondercon, some reviews should be popping up soon. Thank MTV for the scoop.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Operation Rescue

Two dino attacks in two days! And both with Pterodactyls! Have I mentioned how great the Teen Titans are? As if that weren't enough, the episode also featured spear throwing unicorn men. Speedy and Aqualad AKA Robin Hood and Gill Head were captured and being held to "protect the mutants secret." What secret you ask?  I guess just that they existed. "Wonder Chick" and Twinkle Toes took out the unicorns and the Titans all escaped. Once again, this was a pretty fun episode with lots of Titans camaraderie. Of the batch, this was probably the most over the top with the unicorn-men and also in the constantly employed nicknames bandied about. Still, its a keeper.

Episode Count: 0164
Series Count: (3 of 3)
Dino Attack Count: 0005

Japanese Avengers Trailer "Peppered" With Surprises

Look like the Avengers will have at least one cameo by the one and only Pepper Potts. Not sure why the proverbial beans would be spilt in a trailer. Maybe redheads are big in Japan. The trailer is pretty amazing though! Watch it below.

14 March 2012

Why Wait Til Saturday, Watch Shazamwich Today!

According to Worlds Finest Online,  one of this Saturday's DC Nation shorts will in fact be Shazamwich! featuring the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel and, what else, a sandwich. While this is a pretty clever short, it is actually recycled from a 2011 episode of Mad that aired on Cartoon Network, and thanks to the Tube-Youers, it can be seen right now!

First Clip From Super BFF is Super Inspired

Sure, its only 20 seconds, and sure, its not necessarily targeted at traditional fans of DC heroes, but whats not to adore about this first glimpse at the Super Best Friends Forever animated shorts?

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Space Beast Round-Up

Space dinos? Awesome! I could wrap this post up right now, but I'm not gonna.I am not sure what makes these Teen Titans episodes so much better than the rest of the DC Heroes series, but so far, I love them. Even watching Kid Flash launch like a rocket by spinning just makes me smile. Maybe its the fact that none of the heroes was very effective alone and so teamwork was really needed. The Justice League took more of a "split up the work" approach when it seemed like really any one of the heroes could have won the day, even solo.

Did I mention that Wonder Girl could fly?
Episode Count: 0163
Series Count: (2 of 3)
Dino Attack Count: 0004

13 March 2012

Onscreen History of Storm

In 1975, the second wave of mutants were introduced in Giant-Size X-Men #1. Among the new characters being added to the team line-up were the previously introduced Wolverine and new characters Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Storm.The weather wielder Storm has gone on to become one of the most popular members of the X-Men.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Monster Machine

The episode opened with a giant robot, but don't worry. That bow tie he was wearing must mean he was a nice well behaved robot. Whats that? He threw a boulder at a house? Oh, it turns out the bow tie was all a ruse. The Teen Titans were soon on the scene, but not very effective. Then the robot submerged in the water giving Aqualad his chance to shine. He blew it, but was aided by an octopus named "Leggy" (no, really). Back on land, the team actually succeeded in taking down the machine, AT-AT style. Just then about 10 more of the robots attacked, but Gill Head and Eagle Eye figured out that an arrow to the bow tie could take them down. The flying Wonder Doll took out the last bot and the team claimed victory. 

Yes, this was absurd but I think I may have loved it.

Episode Count: 0162
Series Count: (1 of 3)
First Appearance: Teen Titans
First Appearance: Speedy
First Appearance: Wonder Girl
First Appearance: Wonder Woman (technically)

12 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Teen Titans

Here come the TEEN TITANS, a quartet of towering talent - KID FLASH whose speed defies the eye to follow, WONDER GIRL swift and powerful super lass, SPEEDY whose fantastic arrows perform awesome feats, AQUALAD bold and daring marine marvel. Fabulous foursome for right against might, the TEEN TITANS.