02 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman's Double Trouble

Superman just happened to be on a submarine tour when a giant lobster attacked. But didn't they say "double" trouble. Ah, enter a giant alligator. The two gargantuan beasts began to fight at an abandoned amusement park and Superman broke up the fight. Guess what happened next... NO! Superman didn't maroon them in space, he just put them back under the earths crust from whence an earthquake freed them.

01 September 2011

Wonder Woman: Pilot (1975) - Discount Review

 Recommended For: Anyone who needs to get the rancid taste of of any of the other Wonder Woman pilots (1967, 1974, or 2011) out of their mouth. 

Heroes: Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman

Villains: The Nazis

Diabolical Scheme: The Nazis wanted to take over the world and they had a double agent embedded as Major Steve Trevor's secretary plotting to kill Trevor and bomb the Naval ship yard in Brooklyn.

Coolest Moment(s): The pilot managed to do a fairly faithful adaptation of the origin of Wonder Woman, well at least of her victory in the Amazon contest culminating with the Bullets and Bracelets event. Basically any time Wonder Woman deflected bullets was awesome, especially from a tommy gun.

Worst Moment: I know its part of the mythology, but they didn't quite pull off the silly invisible jet.

Review in 50 Words or Less: The World War II setting combined with an iconic portrayal of Wonder Woman provides this pilot with a timeless quality and feel-good charm. Even if it drags a tad in places, this just may be the best live action Wonder Woman to ever see the light of day.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Image Maker

A criminal who blamed Lois for being captured years ago planned to get revenge by inviting her to a "special screening" in a castle where a yeti came out of the screen - or did he just come from the other side of the screen?

31 August 2011

The Justice League: A Super Friendly Tour - Hall of Justice Edition

In honor of today's relaunch of the DC Universe with Justice League #1, I thought it fitting to honor the Leagues own base of operations. Though best known for the fictional radio station WKRP, Cincinnati Ohio's more heroic, though lesser known claim to fame is that the Queen City is home to the building which inspired the Justice League's own Hall of Justice.

Best Look Yet at The Man of Steel Costume

The Man of Steel already has over 11,000 friends on Facebook, and his privacy settings are such that he will allow you to see photos of him without any underwear. Enough being silly though... This most recent reveal of the costume from the 2013 Man of Steel Superman reboot gives the most clear look so far at the costume. For the first time, some of the "accessories" are viewable as well. Even though it appears he has no belt (why would he, he doesn't have any pants to hold up) Superman has some sort of belt buckle. Overall, I am still happy with the costume. I think the accents could use some more color, but I am still pleased at the lack of briefs. Once people get used to the all blue suit I expect the traditional costume will be looked at as a tad silly.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Tree Man of Arbora

Seeking to quench its thirst, an alien tree creature aka Ent went on a drinking spree. Guess what Superman did with the tree man? Hauled him off to space. At least this time he took him to his home world rather than a barren moon.

Watch The Consultant, Marvels First Short Now!

Set to debut as a special feature with the Thor Blu-Ray, The Consultant had leaked. The four minute short stars Agent Coulson and ties the live action movies together addressing what happened to the Abomination after The Incredible Hulk. Get it while the getting is good.

30 August 2011

Onscreen History of Talia al Ghul

First appearing in Detective Comics #411 in 1971, Talia al Ghul AKA تاليا الغول‎ , now estranged daughter of super villain / eco-terrorist / leader of the League of Shadows Ra's al Ghul has played a major role in the life of the Dark Knight. As a sometimes love interest and sometimes villain, Talia is the mother of current Robin and Batman heir Damian Wayne.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Men from APE

Wha!? APE is a super villain team? Now you have my attention. The Allied Perpetrators of Evil made up of the Toyman, Warlock, Prankster, and Lex Luthor from previous episodes (except the Prankster who it looks like will be introduced in a later episode) teamed up to fight Superman.

29 August 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Abominable Ice-Man

An arctic chill froze the Hawaiian beaches. Somehow this was the biggest story ever for the daily planet. Turned out an ice-man was on the loose hoping to set off an ice-age causing bomb.