06 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Amethyst Princess of Gemworld: Level One: Your Quest Begins

This was amazing and exactly what these shorts should be. Sure, Batman shorts can be fun or even brilliant as was the case with the Bat Man of Shanghai, but shorts like this can succeed by taking a character like Amethyst that hardly any one cares about, and after one minute making a strong case for the character begging for her own series.

05 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Clubhouse Calamities

 Once again, an unsupervised Baby Plas got into trouble, this time by hanging with the rough tree house club crowd. Hoping to join the club, Baby Plas had to undergo an initiation which involved climbing a mountain and dodging a dog. After saving the punks lives, he was allowed in the club. Another excellent moral.

Episode Count: 0391
Series Count: (6 of 13)

04 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Tiger Trouble

Conveniently, Baby Plas found a baby tiger in a zoo mobile driving down his street. Things went sour when the tiger tried to eat their pet bird - actually he did eat the bird but Baby Plas vacuumed him out and glued his feathers back on. How cute... but why did it have to be a baby tiger and not just a cat? 

Episode Count: 0390
Series Count: (5 of 13)

03 July 2013

Super History of Superman: Justice League / Justice League Unlimited (2001-6)

After the success of the Superman and Batman animated series, it was only natural that the Justice League get their own team-up show to demonstrate the right way of doing Super Friends. Of course, who would be front and center other than the Man of Steel.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Witching Worries

Right out of the gate, there were a pair of absurdities in this episode. First off, it was Halloween Night and Plastic Man and Penny decided it would be no problem for their baby to go Trick or Treating by himself. Someone should call Child Protective Services. Second, the witch was making a brew that happened to call for a "plastic boy." Come on! Is that a common ingredient in brews? I don't remember Severus Snape ever mixing any plastic boys into his potions. Other than that, this was okay. I think Baby Plas has been much better than Plastic Family so far. The baby is still annoying, but he sort of gets a pass since he is after all, a baby.

02 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Haircut Headache

Hula Hula was back. Yipee skippy - even though I am not sure why Uncle Hula would take Baby Plas to his first haircut. The baby didn't want a haircut, got chased by a flying hair clipper, and hid as a broom. The clever barber decided to give the broom a haircut and all was well... until they all realized a plastic babies hair would just grow back. Ha ha. What a romp. Now maybe I will go throw myself off of a building.

Episode Count: 0388
Series Count: (3 of 13)

01 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Baseball Bully

I guess this time the bad luck was all mine since Hula Hula was no where to be seen. Apparently he was just a guest star in the previous episode because Baby Plas was the only regular to show up in this one.  Once again, I learned how great Baby Plas is because he was able to win the baseball game using his powers to cheat. Granted, the other team's bully had it coming, but I am not sure about the message. Then again, if baby Plas used his arm as a bat, he was probably also paying for his home run with a giant bruise. Once again, the best thing I can say about the episode is, at least it was short.

Episode Count: 0387
Series Count: (2 of 13)