12 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Shade: Shade the Changing Man

I admit, I  know next to nothing about the Vertigo character Shade the Changing Man, who made his onscreen debut with a self titled short during DC Nation. Not knowing much about Shade, I was lost by the plot, but I really am glad to see some variety in the shorts presented. Like the Bat Man of Shanghai series, Shade favors style over humor and this short definitely had a unique flavor of animation. I hope this isn't the last we see of the changing man. By the way, you can watch a low quality version of the short now:

11 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Golden Friends

Thank you for being a Super Friend indeed. Sure, Batman had a mustache and Superman had boobs but this 2012 rotoscoped tribute to the Justice League once again made the Golden Girls hip.

10 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse

In 1960, the Dynamic Duo were paid homage by Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, a comedic animated duo created by Bob Kane, the co-creator of Batman. In the 5-minute toons the duo used the Cat Cave, Cat Mobile,  and Cat Signal in their fight against crime. It was lucky that Minute Mouse never got eaten by his partner as they fought their nemesis Chauncey "Flat-Face" Frog and other villains in 130 capers.

09 October 2013

Super History of Superman: Young Justice (2010-2)

Although 2010's Young Justice and its rebranded second season Young Justice: Invasion had a focus on the "Don't call them sidekicks" teen heroes, the influence of Superman was certainly felt. Not only was Superman a key member of the Justice League, but his relationship with the Superman clone, Superboy AKA Kon-El AKA Conner Kent, was an ongoing character development arc in the series. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman and Robin Up, Through, and Around

This one was a little more of an intangible, spatial concept lesson. I guess we were supposed to expand our vocabulary with the words up, through, and around using a batarang. I have to admit, that's a lot more fun than I ever had in English class.

08 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman and Robin Cross the Street

Before Superman ventured into Sesame Street to help with spelling, Batman and Robin made a pair of appearances. In 1969 the Dynamic Duo taught the virtues of using the crosswalk to cross the road. Otherwise, you could get hit by a car or, you know, you could fall into a manhole. Love that Joker.

07 October 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - S is for Superman

C is for cookie, but that ain't good enough for me. I want more letters and \S/ will do nicely. In 1971, before the Super Friends PSAs became a staple of Saturday mornings, Superman was doing public service on \S/esame \S/treet. Turns out that in addition to Superman, S is for speed, sky, and spaceship as well as a bunch of other things. Its also the Man of Steel's favorite letter. Great stuff! Too bad there wasn't a whole series including W is for Wonder Woman and F is for Flash. But Superman wasn't the only DC hero to visit Sesame...