23 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Crimson Monster from the Pink Pool

I will refrain from making the joke I want to about this episode's title, but you have to admit, it is a bit of an odd choice. The monster itself however has a pretty amazing design. Most of the creatures in these cartoons are pushovers, but that thing was serious business. After being batted around a bit, Aquaman summoned an octopus to create a smoke screen which had the side effect of turning the monster blue and neutralizing his acidic spray. That was lucky. At that point he began essentially just a punching bag for fish. A-Man hauled the beast back to its pink hole but the octopus ink was so potent the hole was also neutralized, whatever that means.

22 December 2011

Retrospective 2011 - Part 4

Batman: Year One 

I have already said a lot about Batman: Year One, so to sum it up, it was pretty good. Great actually, right up there with Batman: Under the Red Hood. I feel it did the source material, one of my favorite graphic novels, justice. Its just a shame that the story goes by so fast... Hopefully The Long Halloween is in the pipeline as it would make an amazing follow-up. As far as the DC releases in 2011, they were overall pretty impressive. Both Year One and All Star Superman were top tier quality releases and along with Emerald Knights, all three 2011 releases were solid - perhaps the best year of the batch so far.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Volcanic Monster

Things got out of control quickly when a simple underwater volcano not only erupted but spat out a flaming magma monster. At first it was a little frustrating that Aquaman kept splashing the monster with water. After all, the dude was already submerged in the ocean. I didn't think one extra splash would do much damage, but eventually Aquaman summoned his legions to bury the creature in a rock slide. Then the Monarch of the Seas called it a day and left the beast to die. At least he was able to save Tusky, TWICE.

21 December 2011

Amazing Visual History of the Batsuit

This visual guide of 35 Batmen from ScreenRant.com really is amazing and must be seen. From Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27 up to his forthcoming appearance in Batman: Earth One, this captures most of the highlights. It is kind of a shame the silver accented Batman and Robin suit, Jason Todd as Batman, or Damian Wayne as Batman were not included - but its still awesome. Were there any other important designs missed?

Every Batman bat-suit

[Via: Screen Rant]

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - War of the Water Worlds

Mera the Queen of Atlantis appeared in the early Aquaman comics in the 60's and the two would tie the knot in an underwater sea-stravaganza in the 70s. Not only were Aquaman and his fishy bride the first of the high profile comic characters to get married, but A-Man was also the first to sire a son (that lucky shark), Aquababy. 

20 December 2011

Onscreen History of Icicle

One of the original "cool guys," Icicle was introduced in 1947's  All-American Comics #90 and frequently squared off against the Justice Society of America. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea Raiders

In this adventure some space robots put a giant vacuum tube in the ocean to collect sea creatures. Tusky thought it would be a good idea to play in the tube and he got sucked up. Der!

Without Further Ado... The OFFICIAL Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2

Click HERE for trailer 2 for The Dark Knight Rises. Between this and the prologue leaked earlier, its been a good day for Batman. We are in for a real treat come summer 2012. View the embedded trailer below!

19 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Fiery Invaders

And here we go, alien invaders. These particular invaders decided to conquer Earth by boiling the ocean. In a rush to stop them, Aquaman left his seahorse behind. Apparently he could swim faster than the seahorse. But the logic didn't stop there. Aquaman recruited his fishy friends to spray water on the burning ocean... um, how does that work exactly?