Crisis of Infinite Episodes Index

--The quest to watch every episode of DC animation ever made.

Introduction to the Crisis of Infinite Episodes 
Year One in Review
Year 2 Recap

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-5) -- Top Picks
The Cat and the Claw
On Leather Wings (First Appearance: Harvey Bullock, Man-Bat, Two-Face)
Heart of Ice
Feat of Clay (First Appearance: Lucius Fox)
It's Never Too Late
Joker's Favor (First Appearance: Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya)
Pretty Poison (First Appearance: Poison Ivy)
Nothing To Fear
Be a Clown
Appointment in Crime Alley
The Clock King (First Appearance: Clock King)
The Last Laugh
Eternal Youth
Fear of Victory
I've Got Batman in My Basement
Vendetta (First Appearance: Killer Croc)
Prophecy of Doom
The Forgotten
Mad as a Hatter
The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy
Perchance to Dream
The Underdwellers
Night of the Ninja
The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne (First Appearance: Hugo Strange)
Tyger, Tyger
Dreams in Darkness
Beware the Gray Ghost
Cat Scratch Fever
I Am the Night
Almost Got 'Em
Moon of the Wolf
Terror in the Sky
Christmas with the Joker
Heart of Steel
If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
Joker's Wild
His Silicon Soul
Off Balance (First Appearance: Count Vertigo, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul)
What is Reality?
The Laughing Fish
Harley and Ivy
The Mechanic
The Man Who Killed Batman
Zatanna (First Appearance: Zatanna, Zatara)
Robin's Reckoning (First Appearance: Tony Zucco)
Birds of a Feather
Blind as a Bat
Day of the Samurai
See No Evil
The Demon's Quest
Read My Lips (First Appearance: Ventriloquist/Scarface)
Fire From Olympus (First Appearance: Maxie Zeus)
Shadow of the Bat
The Worry Men
Paging the Crime Doctor
House and Garden
Bane (First Appearance: Bane)
Second Chance
Riddler's Reform
Time Out of Joint
Harley's Holiday
Make 'Em Laugh (First Appearance: Condiment King)
Batgirl Returns
Lock-Up (First Appearance: Lock-Up)
Deep Freeze (First Appearance: Streaky the Supercat)
The Terrible Trio (First Appearance: Terrible Trio)
Showdown (First Appearance: Jonah Hex)
A Bullet For Bullock
The Lion and the Unicorn
The Lost Episode
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)(First Appearance: Phantasm)
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998)

Swamp Thing (1991) -- Top Picks
The Un-Men Unleashed (First Appearance: Arcane, Swamp Thing)
To Live Forever
Falling Red Star
Legend of the Lost Cavern
Experiment in Terror

Superman (1988) -- Top Picks
Destroy the Defendroids
The Adoption
Fugitive From Space
The Supermarket
By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth
At the Babysitter's
Cybron Strikes
The First Day of School
The Big Scoop
Overnight with the Scouts
The Circus
The Hunter (First Appearance: General Zod, Faora)
Little Runaway
Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time
The Birthday Party
The Driver's License
The Beast Beneath These Streets
First Date
To Play or not to Play
Night of the Living Shadows (First Appearance: Shadow Thief)
The Last Time I Saw Earth
It's Superman

The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985-6) -- Top Picks
The Seeds of Doom (First Appearance: Cyborg)
The Ghost Ship
The Bizarro Super-Powers Team
The Darkseid Deception
The Fear
The Wild Card
s (First Appearance: Felix Faust, Royal Flush Gang)
The Brainchild
The Case of the Stolen Powers
Escape From Space City
The Death of Superman

Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984-5) -- Top Picks
The Bride of Darkseid (First Appearance: Darkseid, Desaad, Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Martin Stein), Kalibak)
The Wrath of Brainiac
Reflections in Crime (First Appearance: Mirror Master)
No Honor Among Thieves
Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp (First Appearance: Steve Trevor)
The Case of the Shrinking Superfriends
The Mask of Mystery
Darkseid's Golden Trap
Island of the Dinosoids
Uncle Mxyzptlk
The Case of the Dreadful Dolls
The Royal Ruse
The Village of Lost Souls
The Curator

The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! (1981-2) -- Top Picks
Who's Who at the Zoo (First Appearance: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, Tawky Tawny, Uncle Marvel)
The Incredible Sinking City (First Appearance: Dr. Sivana, Mister Mind) 
Best Seller
Flight 601 Has Vanished
Black Adam's Return
(First Appearance: Black Adam) 
Family Affair
Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day
A Little Something Extra
The Airport Caper
Mister Atom, the Smasher
(First Appearance: Mr. Atom) 
The Circus Plot
Star Master and the Solar Mirror

Super Friends (1980) -- Top Picks
Big Foot
The Ice Demon
The Make-Up Monster
Journey into Blackness
Cycle Gang
Dive to Disaster
Yuna the Terrible
The Rock and Roll Space Bandits
Elevator To Nowhere
One Small Step For Mars
Haunted House
The Incredible Crude Oil Monster
The Voodoo Vampire
Invasion of the Gleeks
Mxyzptlk Strikes Again
The Man in the Moon
The Circus of Horrors
Around the World in 80 Riddles
The Termites From Venus
Return of Atlantis
The Killer Machines
Garden of Doom
Revenge of Bizarro
Outlaws of Orion
Three Wishes
Mxyzptlk's Flick
Sink Hole
Alien Mummy (First Appearance: El Dorado)
The Evil From Krypton
The Creature from the Dump
The Aircraft Terror
The Lava Men
The Warlord's Amulet
The Iron Cyclops
Palette's Perils
The Stowaways From Space
The Scaraghosta Sea
The Witch's Arcade
Mxyzptlk's Revenge
Roller Coaster
Once Upon a Poltergeist
The Krypton Syndrome
Invasion of the Space Dolls
Terror on the Titanic
Revenge of Doom
A Pint of Life
Day of the Dinosaurs
Playground of Doom
Space Racers
The Recruiter
Return of the Phantoms
Bully For You
Prisoners of Sleep
An Unexpected Treasure
The Malusian Blob
Attack of the Cats
One Small Step For Superman
The Video Victims
Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One
Bulgor the Behemoth

Plastic Family (1980-1) -- Top Picks
Presenting Baby Plas
The Abominable Snow Sport
Baby Plas' Finny Friend
The Big, Big Crush
Ali Baba Baby
Mighty Museum Mess
Rustlin' Rascals
Calamity Cruise
Who Undo the Zoo?
Ozark Family Feud
Dr. Strangeleaf
The Kewpie Doll Caper
Rodeo Ruckus

Baby Plas (1980-1) -- Top Picks
Bad Luck Stroll
Baseball Bully
Haircut Headache
Witching Worries
Tiger Trouble
Clubhouse Calamities
Baby Sitter Blues
Sleepwalking Snafoo
Birthday Blowout
Movie Mischief
Tropical Trouble
Mummy Madness

Plastic Man (1979-80) -- Top Picks
The Weed
Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor
Wham Bam, Beware of the Clam
The Day the Ocean Disappeared
The Horrible Half-Ape
The Minuscule Seven
Dog Master
Diabolical Dr. Dome
Honey Bee
The Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur
The Spider Takes a Bride
Empire of Evil
The Corruptible Carrot Man
The Maniacal Computerhead
The Hippotist
The Kitty Kat Kaper
The Colossal Crime of Commodore Peril
Terrible 5 + 1
Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again
Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man
Sale of the Century
Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy
City of Ice
Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape
The Crime Costume Caper
The Royal Gargoyle Foil

The World's Greatest Super Friends (1979) -- Top Picks
Rub Three Times For Disaster
Lex Luthor Strikes Back
Space Knights of Camelon
The Lord of Middle Earth
Universe of Evil
Terror At 20,000 Fathoms
The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
The Planet of Oz

Challenge of the Super Friends (1978) -- Top Picks
Rokan: Enemy from Space
Wanted: The Super Friends (First Appearance: Bizarro, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Legion of Doom)
The Demons Of Exxor
Invasion of the Fearians
Battle at the Earth's Core
The World's Deadliest Game
Sinbad and the Space Pirates
The Time Trap
The Pied Piper from Space
Trial of the Super Friends
Attack of the Vampire
Monolith of Evil
The Beasts Are Coming
The Giants of Doom
Terror from the Phantom Zone
Secret Origins of the Super Friends (First Appearance: Green Lantern Abin Sur, Hippolyta)
The Anti-Matter Monster
Revenge on Gorilla City (First Appearance: Solovar)
World Beneath the Ice
Swamp of the Living Dead
Invasion of the Brain Creatures
Conquerors of the Future
The Incredible Space Circus
The Final Challenge
Batman: Dead or Alive
Fairy Tale of Doom
Battle of the Gods
Journey Through Inner Space
Super Friends: Rest in Peace

The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends
History of Doom

The All-New Super Friends Hour (1977-8) -- Top Picks
The Brain Machine
Joy Ride
(First Appearance: Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna)
Invasion of the Earthors
The Whirlpool (First Appearance: Black Vulcan)
The Secret Four
Tiger on the Loose
The Mysterious Time Creatures
The Antidote (
First Appearance: Apache Chief)
Invasion of the Hydronoids
City in a Bottle
Space Emergency (First Appearance: Hawkgirl)
Doctor Fright
Drag Race
Day of the Plant Creatures
Fire (First Appearance: Rima)
The Monster of Dr. Droid
Super Friends Vs. Super Friends
Energy Mass
The Enforcer
Planet of the Neanderthals
Flood of Diamonds
The Invisible Menace
Coming of the Arthropods
River of Doom
Attack of the Giant Squid
Game of Chicken
The Water Beast
Volcano (First Appearance: Samurai)
The Collector
The Mind Maidens
Alaska Peril
The Fifty Foot Woman
Exploration Earth
Attack of the Killer Bees
Forbidden Power
Pressure Point
The Lionmen
The Day of the Rats
The Man-Beasts of Xra
The Tiny World of Terror
Tibetan Raiders
Frozen Peril
Dangerous Prank
The Mummy of Nazca
Cable Car Rescue
The Marsh Monster
The Runaways
Will the World Collide?
Time Rescue
The Protector
The Ghost
(First Appearance: Gentleman Ghost)

The New Adventures of Batman (1977) -- Top Picks
The Pest (First Appearance: Bat-Mite)
The Moonman
Trouble Identity
A Sweet Joke on Gotham City
The Bermuda Rectangle
Reading, Writing & Wronging
The Chameleon
He Who Laughs Last
The Deep Freeze
Dead Ringers
(First Appearance: Clayface)
Curses! Oiled Again!
Birds of a Feather Fool Around Together
Have an Evil Day
This Looks Like a Job for Bat-Mite!

Super Friends (1973-4) -- Top Picks
The Power Pirate (First Appearance: Wendy Harris, Marvin White)
The Baffles Puzzle
Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C. (First Appearance: Plastic Man)
The Weather Maker
Dr. Pelagian's War
The Shamon U
Too Hot to Handle
The Androids
The Balloon People
The Fantastic FRERPs
The Ultra Beam
The Menace of the White Dwarf
The Mysterious Moles
Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
(First Appearance: Green Arrow)
The Planet Splitter (First Appearance: Jor-El, Lara)
The Watermen

The Adventures of Batman (1968-9) -- Top Picks
My Crime Is Your Crime (First Appearance: Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin, Commissioner Gordon)
A Bird Out of Hand
The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze (First Appearance: Mr. Freeze, Alfred Pennyworth)
The Joke's on Robin (First Appearance: Batgirl)
How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?
In Again, Out Again Penguin
The Nine Lives of Batman (First Appearance: Catwoman)
Long John Joker
Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby?
1001 Faces of the Riddler (First Appearance: Riddler)
The Big Birthday Caper
Two Penguins Too Many
Partners in Peril
The Underworld Underground Caper
Hizzoner the Joker
Freeze's Frozen Vikings
The Crime Computer
The Great Scarecrow Scare (First Appearance: Scarecrow)
A Game of Cat and Mouse
Beware of Living Dolls
Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?
He Who Swipes the Ice, Goes to the Cooler
Simon the Pieman
A Mad, Mad Tea Party (First Appearance: Mad Hatter)
From Catwoman with Love
Perilous Playthings
A Perfidious Pieman is Simon
Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper
The Fiendishly Frigid Fraud
Enter the Judge
The Jigsaw Jeopardy
Wrath of the Riddler
It Takes Two to Make a Team
Opera Buffa

DC Super Heroes (1967-8) -- Top Picks
The Atom -- Top Pick
Invasion of the Beetle-Men (First Appearance: Atom)
The Plant Master
The House of Doom

The Flash -- Top Pick
The Chemo-Creature (First Appearance: Flash Barry Allen)
Take a Giant Step (First Appearance: Kid Flash)
To Catch a Blue Bolt
Green Lantern -- Top Pick
Evil is as Evil Does (First Appearance: Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Evil Star)
The Vanishing World
Sirena, Empress of Evil
Hawkman -- Top Pick
Peril from Pluto (First Appearance: Hawkman)
A Visit to Venus
The Twenty Third Dimension
Justice League of America -- Top Pick
Between Two Armies (First Appearance: Justice League)
Target Earth
Bad Day on Black Mountain
Teen Titans -- Top Pick
The Monster Machine (First Appearance: Wonder Girl, Speedy, Teen Titans)
The Space Beast Round-Up
Operation Rescue

Aquaman (1967-8) -- Top Picks
Menace of the Black Manta (First Appearance: Aquaman, Aqualad, Black Manta, Mera)
The Rampaging Reptile-Men
The Return of Nepto
The Fiery Invaders
The Sea Raiders
War of the Water Worlds
The Volcanic Monster
The Crimson Monster from the Pink Pool
The Ice Dragon
The Deadly Drillers
Vassa, Queen of the Mermen
The Microscopic Monsters
The Onslaught of the Octomen
Treacherous is the Torpedo Man (First Appearance: Torpedoman)
The Satanic Saturnians
The Brain, The Brave and the Bold
Where Lurks the Fisherman! (First Appearance: Fisherman)
Mephisto's Marine Marauders
The Trio of Terror
The Torp, The Magneto and the Claw
Goliaths of the Deep-Sea Gorge
The Sinister Sea Scamp
The Devil Fish
The Sea Scavengers
In Captains Cuda's Clutches (First Appearance: Starro)
The Mirror-Man from Planet Imago
The Sea Sorcerer
The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly
The Undersea Trojan Horse
The Vicious Villainy of Vassa
Programmed for Destruction
The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars
The Stickmen of Stygia
Three Wishes to Trouble
The Silver Sphere
To Catch a Fisherman

The Adventures of Superboy (1966-9) -- Top Picks
The Spy From Outer Space (First Appearance: Superboy, Krypto)
Krypto's Calamitous Capers
The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret
The Deep Sea Dragon
The Super Clown of Smallville
The Visitor from the Earth's Core
The Beast that went Berzerk
Superboy's Strangest Foe
The Capricious Crony
Krypto, Super Seeing-Eye Dog
The Black Knight
Operation Counter Invasion
The Jinxed Circus
Hurricane Fighters (First Appearance: Lana Lang)
Superboy's Super-Dilemma
A Devil of a Time
The Revolt of Robotville
The Beast With Two Faces
The Gorilla Gang
The Chameleon Creature
The Great Space Chase
Finger of Doom
Krypto, K-9 Detective
The Neanderthal Caveman Caper
The Terrible Trio
Forget Me Not, Superdog
Superboy Meets Mighty Lad
King Superboy
Double Trouble, Double Doom
The Trap of the Super Spacemen
The Space Refugees
The Monster Molecule
The Great Kryptonite Caper

The New Adventures of Superman (1966-9) -- Top Picks
The Force Phantom
Mermen of Emor (First Appearance: Jimmy Olsen)
The Prehistoric Pterodactyls
Merlin's Magic Marbles (First Appearance: Lex Luthor)
The Threat of the Thrutans
The Wicked Warlock (First Appearance: The Warlock)
The Chimp Who Made it Big
The Deadly Icebergs
Robot of Riga
The Invisible Raiders
Neolithic Nightmare
The Return of Brainiac (First Appearance: Brainiac)
The Magnetic Monster
The Toys of Doom (First Appearance: Toyman)
The Iron Eater
The Ape Army of the Amazon
The Fire Phantom
The Deadly Dish
Insect Raiders
Return of Warlock
The Abominable Ice-Man
The Men from APE (First Appearance: Prankster)
The Tree Man of Arbora
The Image Maker
Superman's Double Trouble
The Deadly Super-Doll
Lava Men
Luthor Strikes Again
Mission to Planet Peril
The Pernicious Parasite (First Appearance: Parasite)
The Two Faces of Superman
The Imp-Practical Joker (First Appearance: Mr. Mxyzptlk)
Superman Meets Brainiac
Seeds of Disaster
The Malevolent Mummy
The Birdmen from Lost Valley
APE Strikes Again
The Lethal Lightning Bug
The Prankster
The Saboteurs
The Wisp of Wickedness
Superman Meets His Match
Night of the Octopod
Brainiac's Bubbles
War of the Bee Battalion
The Toyman's Super-Toy
The Cage of Glass
The Atomic Superman
Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
The Warlock's Revenge
The Halyah of the Himalayas
Luthor's Fatal Fireworks
Luthor's Lethal Laser
Can a Luthor Change His Spots?
The Team of Terror
Rain of Iron
The Mysterious Mr. Mist
Luminians on the Loose
The Ghost of Kilbane Castle
The Japanese Sandman

Superman (1941-3) -- Top Picks
Superman (a.k.a. The Mad Scientist) (First Appearance: Superman, Lois Lane)
The Mechanical Monsters
Billion Dollar Limited
The Arctic Giant
The Bulleteers
The Magnetic Telescope
Electric Earthquake
Terror on the Midway
Eleventh Hour
Destruction, Inc.
The Mummy Strikes
Jungle Drums
The Underground World
Secret Agent

DC Nation Animated Shorts
DC's World's Funnest
New Teen Titans
  Burping Contest
  Utlility Player
  Stream of Consciences
  Turn Back the Clock
  Blackfire's Babysitter
  Cyborg the Lifeguard
  Taped Before a Live Studio Audience
  Red X Unmasked
  Gamma Rays and You
  Titans in Love
  Titanimal Kingdom
  Kidz Korner 4 Kidz
  Groundhog Minute
  The Apprentice, Part 3
  Bad Day
  Lightning Round
  Mayhem at First Sight
  It's the Great Pumpkin, Garfield Logan
Plastic Man
  Super Hero Sketch Artist
  The Many and the Fowl
  The Bat and the Eel
  Superheroes Wear Pajamas
スーパーマン @ Tokyo
Super Best Friends Forever
  Invisible Joy Ride
  Time Waits for No Girl
  Name Game
  Don't Fight Girls
MAD Presents
  Green Care Bear
  Teen Titanic
  That's What Super Friends Are For
  The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman
  Batman Family Feud
  Extreme Superman
  Zeke and Lex Luthor
Animal Man
  Bank Robbery (First Appearance: Animal Man)
  Enter Extreme-O Part One
  Enter Extreme-O Part Two
Sword of the Atom
  #1 - Eye of the Storm
  #2 - A Choice of Dooms
  #3 - Rattling the Cage
  #4 - Battle of the Tiny Titans
Bat Man of Shanghai
  Cat Woman
  Bat Man
Thunder and Lightning
  Clothes Make the Hero
(First Appearance: Lightning, Thunder)
  Lightning Under the Weather
Amethyst Princess of Gemworld
  Level One: Your Quest Begins
(First Appearance: Amethyst, Dark Opal)
  Level Two: Village of the Frogs
  Level Three: Random Encounter
  Level Four: The Turquoise Cave
  Level Five: Battle in the Stormy Peaks
  Level Six: The Final Boss
  Level Seven: Welcome Home
DC Nation's Farm League
  The Boiled Wonder
  When the League's Away, the Pig Will Play
  Snack Run
  Swimming Lessons
  Talk to the Lamprey
  Taking Out the Trash
  Heads or Tails
  Shade the Changing Man
Super Pets
  Jokes on You
  Krypto vs. Streaky
  World's Finest Bark
  League of Just Us Cows
Tales of Metropolis

  Riddle Me This
Wonder Woman
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
Metal Men
  Happy Birthday
  Teacher's Pests
  Identity Crisis

  Payback Time
Doom Patrol
  Chapter One: Challenge of the Timeless Commander

  Chapter Six: Trial of the Terrible Titan
  Chapter Ten: The Spy Within the Doom Patrol
  Deadman Catch

  Deadman Date
  Deadman Gravefitti
Superman 75th Anniversary

Batman 75th Anniversary
  Batman Strange Days
  Batman Beyond 
Green Arrow

Doctor Fate
The New Scooby-Doo Movies:The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair (1972)(Batman)
The New Scooby-Doo Movies:The Caped Crusader Caper (1972)(Batman)
The Brady Kids: It's All Greek to Me (1972)(Wonder Woman)(First Appearance: Wonder Woman)
The Freedom Force (1978)
-- Top Pick
  The Dragon Riders (Isis)(First Appearance: Isis)
  The Scarlet Samurai (Isis)
  The Plant Soldiers (Isis)
  Morgana's Revenge (Isis)
  The Robot (Isis)

Hero High: A Fustful of Knuckles (1981)(Captain Marvel AKA Shazam!)

Hero High: Cover Twirl (1981)(Isis)
Hero High: Girl of His Dreams (1981)(Mary Marvel)
Diverting Detours
Super Friends PSA's
  Burn Care
  Bicycling II
  Swimming II
  Toy Maintenance
  Poison Plants
  Construction Sites
  Safety Equipment
  Seat Belts
De-Coder Puzzles
  Cargo Ship
  Space Ship
  Laser Beam
  Evil Spirit
Magic Tricks
  The Glass and Coin Mystery
  Breaking Board
  The Glass and Card Mystery
  The Disappearing Coin Illusion
  Scissor Sorcery
  The Mysterious Egg Trick
  The Disappearing Glass
  Untearable Napkin
  Sun Rattler
  Spinning Pencil Top
  Two-way Phone
  Piggy Bank
Health Tips
  Emergency Phone #s
  Drunk Driving
  Dressing for Rain
  Eye Care

Merrie Melodies: Goofy Groceries (1941)(Superman)
Super Mouse in The Mouse of Tomorrow (1942)(Superman)
Super Rabbit (1943)(Superman)
Popeye the Sailor: She-Sick Sailors (1944)(Superman)
Private SNAFU: Snafuperman (1944)(Superman)
Little Lulu: Super Lulu (1947)(Superman)

Looney Tunes: Stupor Duck (1956)(Superman)
Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse (1960)(Batman and Robin)
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)(Batman)

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures: Night of the Bat-Bat  (1987)(Batman)
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures: The League of Super-Rodents (1987)(Justice League)
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures: Bat With a Golden Tongue (1987)(Batman)
The Simpsons (1989-)(Various)
  Couch Gag (2003)(Batman)
  The Bartman (1991, 2007)(Batman)
Tiny Toons Adventures: Cinemaniacs!: Superbabs (1990)(Supergirl)
Tiny Toons Adventures: New Class Day: Just-Us League of Supertoons (1992)(Justice League)
Tiny Toons Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
The Plucky Duck Show: The Return of Batduck (1992)(Batman)
Blankman Credits (1994)(Batman)
Freakazoid!: Fatman and Boy Blubber (1995)(Batman)
Pinky and the Brain: Two Mice and a Baby (1996)(Superman)
Looney Tunes: Superior Duck (1996)(Superman)
Family Guy (1999-)(Various)
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2001-5)(Black Vulcan, Apache Chief)
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Joy Ride (2003)(Wonder Twins)
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Drag Race (2003)(Wonder Twins)
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Initiation (2003)(Wonder Twins)
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Make-Out Mountain (2003)(Wonder Twins)
The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins: Be Kind, Rewind (2003)(Wonder Twins)
Aquaman & Friends Action Hour (2003)(Aquaman)
Super Golden Friends (2012)(Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Robin)
Super Man's Best Friend (2012)(Krypto) 

Pilots and Promos
The Dark Knight's First Night (1991)

Superman vs. Nick O'Teen Anti Smoking Campaign (1980's)
Superman Peanut Butter (1981)
Super Heroes Create a Villain Contest (1983)
New Teen Titans Say No to Drugs (1983)
Buckle Up with Supergirl (1984)

Super Powers Collection
Clark Kent uses AT&T

Batman at Zeller's 
Super Friends Promos on Cartoon Network
Super Friends Promo - Whiners Can Be Losers
Super Friends Meet The Powerpuff Girls
Aquaman Dance Party (2006)

Video Games
DC Universe Trailer (2010)(Justice League)

Unrealized Projects
Metamorpho Unaired Pilot (1968)(Metamorpho)

Teen Titans Series (1974)(Teen Titans)
Shazam! Lost Episode: The Girls of His Dreams (1981)
New Teen Titans Series (1983)(Teen Titans)
Batman Asylum (1999)(Batman, Joker) 
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2006)(Teen Titans)
The Batmasn vs. Hush (2007)(Batman, Hush) 
Nightwing Series (2009)(Nightwing) 
Supergirls Series (2012)(Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Girl)
No Man's Land Series (2012)(Batman)
Deleted Ziggler's Ad from Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2011)(Batman, Bane)

Otherwise Unclassified Appearances
Superman Serial (1948)(Superman)
Batman Credits (1966)(Batman)
Batman and Robin Cross the Street (1969)(Batman, Robin, Joker)
S is for Superman (1971)(Superman)
Batman and Robin Up, Through, and Around (Batman, Robin)

Wonder Woman Credits (1975)(Wonder Woman) 
Ballad of Zan and Jayna (2009)
Superman Classic (2011)
Bizarro Classic (2012)(Superman, Bizarro)