02 June 2012

Joker Nabs Robin in a Bonus Online DC Nation Short

This short is one clay crowbar away from being a classic. It looks like Dug Calder, animator at Aardman posted this short (#5 of 10) on Vimeo. And while I have not kept my general negativity toward the DC's World's Funnest shorts a secret I will say, I kinda liked this one. For one thing, it was actually about superheroes - identities and costumes and such. For another thing, I found the fact that Batman and Joker laughed at the tied up Robin to be amusingly twisted. Now if only we could vote for Robin to live or die!

01 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Balloon People

And this is how the world ends not with a whimper, but a POP. Well, at least that's how the world would end for a population of balloon people.

31 May 2012

Advanced Peek at Titans Short Cyborg the Lifeguard

I do my best to keep on top of the DC Nation shorts schedule which often appears as part of CN's official schedule, but sometimes the listings change at the last minute. Up until today, the schedule listed this week's shorts as Sword of the Atom #2 and JLA (Justa Lotta Animals? Justice League of Animals?) - When the League's Away, the Pig Will Play. As of today, the JLA short has been replaced with New Teen Titans, Cyborg the Lifeguard which coincides with the brief video preview aired last week.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Androids

Look, its Clark Kent... and two Wonder Dogs? Oh great! This doesn't sound promising.

30 May 2012

Behold, The Iron Patriot

Earlier today, rumors, then confirmation that The Iron Patriot would appear in Iron Man 3 began springing up online. Well, here is a look at the red, white, and blue armor. As Iron Man 3 filming and production heats up, its going to be fun taking in this next round of scoop. Check out The Superficial for more.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Too Hot to Handle

Another week and the villainous climate change struck again melting likenesses of the heroes in a wax museum as well as drying up Dairy Land. In fact, the Earth's orbit was decaying toward the sun, but thanks to Professor Von Knowalot, the crisis was averted and an alien world got all greened up too, then I went out and planted a tree.

29 May 2012

Onscreen History of Plastic Man and Other Stretchy DC Guys

Patrick "Eel" O'Brian AKA Plastic Man first appeared in 1941's Police Comics #1 published by Quality Comics, which was later acquired by DC. Eel started his career as a criminal but eventually saw the light and began fighting for the good guys after being exposed to an acid that gave him super malleability.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Shamon U

This is another episode where it seems likely the title was the inspiration for the episode. Now I just can't wait for the sequel, the "Shamon Me."

28 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dr. Pelagian's War

Wendy and Marvin made the mistake of saying they received a message from a big seagull, to which Aquaman was quick to say that if it was a big seagull it couldn't have been a seagull to which Batman asserted it must have been an albatross - never mind that neither seagulls or albatrosses can talk. What made Aquaman so sure anyways? They never said it was a gigantic bird, just a "big seagull." Last time I checked, seagulls weren't fish either so maybe A-Man should keep his mouth shut.