13 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Great Scarecrow Scare

Although he looked like a better name would have been "Raggedy Andy Man," this was the debut of the Scarecrow.

12 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Crime Computer

Curses, Penguined again! Though in spite of the Penguin's presence, this Oceans 1 style heist episode with a dash of War Games remarkably turned out to be one of the series better efforts.

11 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Freeze's Frozen Vikings

Vikings in Gotham City!? Ironically, it was Mr. Freeze who thawed out a shipload of Vikings trapped in an iceberg.

10 April 2012

Onscreen History of Daredevil

The Man Without Fear made his print debut in Daredevil #1 in 1964 donning a vibrant yellow costume. He has since made the switch to a more devilish red which has been seen in most of his onscreen appearances. 

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Hizzoner the Joker

Like some sort of crazed Tooth Fairy, the Joker kicked off the episode my tucking money under the pillows of city officials... But of course it was just a frame job laying the groundwork for his own Mayoral bid. Bet you'll never guess who won the election.

09 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Underworld Underground Caper

Even though Catwoman just turned traitor on Riddler in the last episode, the two teamed up this time robbing banks Dig-Dug style. What a cute couple.

08 April 2012

Watch Full SBFF and Animal Man Shorts Now

What a week it was for DC Nation. Not only did we get the onscreen debut of Saint Walker on Green Lantern (along with an appearance by Mogo) but three fantastic shorts. Animal Man made his onscreen debut with two short shorts and Batgirl starred in the second SBFF short in which Poison Ivy made a quick appearance.What a time it is to be a DC fan, and here are the shorts in case you missed them: