13 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - New Teen Titans: Red X Unmasked

Red X was one of my favorite characters from the Teen Titans series and the fact that his identity was never revealed was one of my main disappointments with the series. This short had me super excited - even though I feared it would just end up being played for laughs. So, even though this short was funny, poking fun at many of the speculated identities of Red X from Jason Todd, to Slade, to Alfred, to Batman, I was a bit let down that the true identity remains a secret. My money remains on Jason Todd though my suspicion of Silkie has ticked up a  notch. 

12 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superstein

Supposedly, this episode was a tie in with The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein from the same year, although Frankie's monster had been seriously upgraded. Not only could he fly and had super strength (hence Superstein), but he donned a fancy costume (when not wearing his tux) - perhaps inspired by the Wonder Twins. Most surprising, Frank could make more Frankensteins monsters. Being completely absurd, it was actually okay, but as usual it was much too long.

Episode Count: 0346
Series Count: (9 of 35)

11 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Moonraider

 I will just come out and say, this was another dud of an episode, probably one of the worst so far - and that is in spite of a giant robot, a moon base, and a possible attempt at cashing in on James Bond's Moonraker.  So instead of ironically complaining about how the plot wasn't ridiculous enough, I will complain about the show's (hopefully intentional) ridiculous love triangle. Penny, the bombshell with the southern accent likes Plas, but Plas is oblivious and instead flirts with the Chief who has a Rogue-style hair stripe and is old enough and gruff enough to be his mom. Really Plas?

Episode Count: 0345
Series Count: (8 of 35)

10 April 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman: The Movie (1978)

As a kid, there were two trilogies that consumed most of my after school free time. Of course Star Wars was the first, but Superman was the second. I knew that if I got home at 3:00 and popped in the degrading VHS copy of Superman: The Movie right away, I just might be able to wrap up Superman 3 in time for bed. Of course, there is a Superman IV - and for the most part the less said about it the better - but back in those days, Superman IV was just a dashed dream waiting to happen.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Minuscule Seven

This one opened brilliantly bizarre with a tiny mafia gang hitching in on a plate of room service spaghetti to assault a rival basketball team, even using the noddles to bind up the competition. The ridiculous conceit was pushed a little too far though when it was revealed that the Miniscule Seven did not shrink down for the attack, they were just that height... so WHY were they a basketball team? Did they ever win without cheating? This shows seems to be at its best at its most zany. That's not to say its good, AT ALL, but the zaniness does help to overlook how lame jokes are. Obviously whoever wrote this doesn't know much about basketball because some of the rules were a little suspect. In the end, the episode was a little stretched out, but I will confess it got a couple chuckles out of me.

Episode Count: 0344
Series Count: (7 of 35)

09 April 2013

Wanna Hear the Teen Titans Go! Theme? You're in Luck

Thanks to Puffy Amiyumi and the Beastie Boys,we have us a new theme song for the Teen Titans Go! animated series. Yes, its quite a bit like the original, but like the characters themselves, shorter.

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Hugefoot

If a Half-Ape makes for a halfway decent episode, what would you expect from half an episode with the full on apish Hugefoot? Even with a plot involving a future viewer, this was a real stinker, though I did enjoy Plas as Plastic Dog.

Episode Count: 0343
Series Count: (6 of 35)

08 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Horrible Half-Ape

In this episode, Plas faced off against some freakish composite ape-man. Since that alone would be  boring, the writers also brought in space aliens who the man-ape alien-napped. So, not only did the bad guy have ape powers, he commanded an ape army and had a flying saucer and freeze ray.